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Life at Cyber Help India

Life at Cyber Help India

Cyber Help India is a getaway. This is where you get detached from the rest of the world and come together with only your true self, the inner self which is the source of creativity. Cyber Help India is the place where the magic is born when fresh creative skills and ideas are blend together with our dedication and passion. We have our existence, satisfying a huge bulk of customers and many continue to rely on us with their important profile presentation and other techno- related tasks. As it's our mission to not only create your desire but also to guide and follow up so that you not only shine but stay ahead in the race track. It will ultimately keep us in turn, on the track, to accomplish our vision, i.e., of becoming the No.1 Website and software development firm and all in around digital company in Siliguri. We are stepping forward to several other places in and around our city with and large extension of our team work.

Life at Cyber Help India
Cyber Help India is the place for the innovators and the creators. If you feel that mad passion hopping around inside of you and it just doesn't let you go smooth in any other work, then this is the place for "it" and for you to be. Come show us what you got and you shall get what you deserve when you work with us as a partner of your growth. Feel free to walk in, right after having completed your basic education. An employee will be judged not just on their academic merits but mostly on their raw skills, humanity and respect for their work with your managers. Cyber Help will take you in the family and guide you and nurture you so that you can in turn nourish your talents and skills and grow to be one of us. The seniors will be there with just about anything to get you there.

Cyber Help India is a workplace of the modern world. Today when everything is going digital and transformation is quickly taking place, the teaching patterns in schools are changing, medical world has changed and a change in the work place also calls for a serious change because times have changed and so have the people. It is important to keep up with the pace. Cyber help India fulfills every criterion of the 21st century work environment and facilities hence making its way to the Best Company's list. To put it in simple words, you don't feel choked up in Cyber Help India. Work is worshipped here, you will be taught, guided and corrected when wrong by the seniors or the heads themselves but Life is lived to its full as well. The new ones are given time to observe and learn and trained by way of practical work till they get on the track. Every special day is celebrated here in a memorable way and captured for life; the recent was the Woman's Day. The chocolate cake was too good and all of the women employees were gifted. It was a fun experience. Not a single employees Birthdays are missed and after every three or four months the whole team of Cyber Help go out for an adventurous tour or a picnic. The last two tours were to Chilapata forest and to Buxa forest. We had a wild, exciting and incredible time with plenty of "wow" moments to take with us in our hearts to grave. All these are fun times but at the same time it does wonders in the work environment. When you are back for work you come back not only with plenty of wonderful memories but with better relations which proves to be extremely healthy for the company as a whole. There are many other facilities like there is a coffee machine in the office kitchen so in case your eyelids starts getting heavy you can ask for a cup of coffee to get back on the flow. You get interesting snacks every now and then. There are different bonuses and you get offs when required.

Cyber Help India is dead serious when it comes to work as this literally is our life and we want to live a long, healthy and respectable life. So, it gets a little seriously quiet at times when the transformation is happening, of the raw skills and ideas taking shape of your desires, but the environment warms up the very next moment with smiles, laughter, chit- chats and friendly jokes. We remain updated and open for new concepts so we can make the most of the latest technology and our creative skills. We maintain transparency in the work place and for the customers so positive vibes fills up Cyber Help.

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August 19, 2014
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Cyber help india has successfully completed the website development program of neotia getwel healthcare centre. Team is punctual, hard working & inquisitive.
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