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RECOGNITION Recognition of a company is the honoring of the company for its level of service and performance. By way of recognition a company makes a place for itself in the race course and takes up that place on the tracks towards its vision.

Impacts of Recognition

Recognition means you are already on the field and all you are left with now to do is to climb up the ladders of trust, appreciation and happiness of the satisfied customers. Recognitions also strongly affect the image and profile of the company. A pat on the back of appreciation, boots up the confidence, ego and status of the company. It basically plays the role of a cost effective advertisement for the company, or rather it is a free publicity. Recognition of a company plays an extremely vital role in spreading awareness of a company. It brings the company into the lime light which lets it jump start as it gets exposed in front of the valuable potential customers with whom you could possibly build a good relation, so it opens up doors for business. Your company will also come into the notice of the major trade groups and associations as a result of which you could be called to attend next trade association to speak at conferences or simply to join boards of directors which will prove to be a major credibility boost for your business. It provides you with the priceless opportunity and the platform to showcase your calibers. You can demonstrate how best you can serve and how are you different from the crowd and the best among all.

Importance of Recognition Nowadays

We have made it quite clear how important it is for a company to come to Recognition. Now let us look further into the matter, of what could possibly go wrong if your company is not recognized even after existing for years. Well, first thing is that world will not know you exist, maybe a few around your locality, but would that really be enough? If you have a great vision for your company, then Recognition is where you start your journey which should be followed by much more prestigious Recognitions. There are plenty of ways to reach out to people like you could go online or use various advertisement techniques or you could make use of the columns in the newspapers, but this is a hard and heavy fact that a Recognition beats it all. At almost zero expense, you will carve a place in the industry and in the minds of people. Recognition of a company is that step which has always been vital and is today even more vital for better and easy progress of your company. What would be better and more effective than to have a face to face interaction with your clients and customers? You will get the opportunity to introduce your company right from the scratch and will get to guide some to positivity, who are lingering somewhere in middle with half collected information, and who probably would have lingered off hadn't you come to recognition. So, we can conclude by stating that Recognition is of great value to companies to success.

Recognition Achieved by Cyber Help India till Now

Cyber Help India leaves no stones unturned to accomplish its missions and vision; therefore we are always up on lookout for opportunities that will push up our company to the next level. We are aware that Recognition is one such opportunity; therefore we grab hold of such and make optimum use of it. There are a few that has come in the way of Cyber Help India in our journey of seven years, and we have taken full advantage of it and it has indeed done good to us in every way it possibly can.

Bengal Travel Mart (BTM)-2016

This is a business to business event which is a huge thing for those in the tourism industry. All the noted tour operators from outside are invited here with the intention of showcasing our tourism destinations and tourism products to them. The main aim is promoting the tourism industry of West Bengal, as the participants will return home with ample knowledge of our tourism capacity and delightful destinations. The event goes on for usually three days. Bengal Travel Mart (BTM)-2016 was yet another effort of the state government to give new heights to the state. It was held at Mainak Tourist Lodge in Siliguri. Around 100 well known tour operators from twelve states in India and five foreign countries lighted up the event with their gracious presence and we take immense pride to say that we were one of them. This was an incredible experience and did prove to be helpful in effectively moving forward. The memento from the event stands shining in our office reminding us of our reason of existence.

Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF)-2016

Travel and Tourism Fair has been providing a platform and the opportunity for annual marketing and networking with the travel trade in all the major cities, since 1989. It covers ten tourism markets of India which are Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat and Pune. Travel and Tourism Fair is the most trusted market leader in India in Organizing Travel related fairs and exhibitions. It is the largest travel trade show network and the leading exhibition for the travel and tourism industry. The Indian organizations showcase their products and services to the visitor countries. Thousands of tour-operators, travel agents, hoteliers and airlines will come together and plan national and international trips, bestowing an unprecedented marketing opportunities. The event was held in the cities of Chennai on the 8th, 9th and the 10th of Jan, Bengaluru on the 15th, 16th and 17th of Jan, New Delhi on the 12th, 13th and 14th of Feb. Cyber Help India has been a part of this great event as well and has stacked on the precious knowledge and experience as its assets. We proudly display the souvenir of it, as a great accomplishment.

Silicon India

Silicon India was launched as a print magazine from NY, USA on August 15, 1997. Today its headquarters are in Bangalore with offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Fremont, CA. Silicon India basically is a platform where you will get to meet and seek advice from Indian experts in your field of interest, who will in the process of explanation share their accomplishments and knowledge inculcated. This is also that space where the able ones, write a blog on a professional topic or write an informative column for any specific topic and all the latest news in every fields are unveiled. So, this is the place where you get the answers for all of your queries and gather other useful and latest information as well as this is where you can share your stories and experience, good and bad. Its main aim is to build a smarter India. Silicon India has over 5 million Indian professionals in their network. It also happens to be the biggest producer of technology news in India and we are extremely honored to have recognized by this prestigious body as they have placed us as one of the "10 Most Promising Printing & Designing Service Providers 2017." We believe we have worked hard enough to earn this and we do deserve this, as our work reflects sincerity and ultimate creativity and we promise to work with the same attitude till death.

Bengal Travel Mart (BTM)-2017

This great event was held again this year in Siliguri at Savin Kingdom. Cyber Help India did not miss this opportunity to witness the great event unfold absorbing every inch of knowledge and experience with utmost pride and delight. The second memento also stands proudly in our office boosting us at every glance towards it.

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