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Contributing 90% to the bilateral trade with Bhutan, Jaigaon is one of the most significant commercial hubs that share a border with Bhutan. In fact, it is the only gateway that has the accessibility to Bhutan by road. Thus, a lot of travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants have sprung up in the small town of Jaigaon to cater to the influx of tourists and immigrants.

A Bordering Town of Potentials

Webdesign Jaigaon Jaigaon, a bustling town is one of the major commercial hubs that share the border with Bhutan. Due to its location, it is the only permissible gateway that leads into the Dragon Kingdom via road. Being the border town, Jaigaon witnesses a huge inrush of travelers, businessmen, etc. The small town houses many travel agencies & hotels for catering to the need of the brimming visitors. But here, only the most efficient one thrives. And with the help of a management software is how they march faster than others.

The Impact of the Internet

Let us deal gently with the truth - nearly 14 billion searches are carried online every month. So even if a fraction of the mentioned number turned up in your business search, your revenues will go up by manifold! But to achieve that milestone, your website should rank higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). How do you achieve that? And with whose guidance?

The answer is, an experienced digital expert.
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