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History of Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly called as Calcutta was the ancient Colonial ruled capital of India from 1772 to 1911. Situated along the fertile banks of river Hooghly, It is the major trade and commercial hub of India that started early in the 15th century with the arrival of European traders.

Post Independence, after the couple of decades that led to the rise of technology, Kolkata has become one of the largest metropolis cities after Delhi and Mumbai. Since the primitive methods have been replaced by the digitization, Kolkata is rapidly pacing towards the modernity that has been introduced to the world by the vigor of the internet, search engines, and ever expanding and innovative technologies.


Kolkata is the main commercial and financial hub of eastern India and the main port of communication for Northeastern states of India. Kolkata has India's Webdesign Kolkata oldest and the second largest stock exchange company-Calcutta Stock Exchange. Kolkata is the abode of a major port, international airports, countless international and international college of repute, focusing on providing a highly efficient workforce. Kolkata is the first city to India's and South Asia's first metro railway service famous as Kolkata Metro.

According to the estimates, Kolkata's GDP (PPP) on 2014 was $60.447 Billion converted to GDP (nominal) of $15.90 Billion dollars with a nominal vs. PPP factor of 3.80. Kolkata's nominal GDP is assumed to exceed US$169 billion in 2030, with a per capita nominal GDP of US $7,400.

We live in the world run by the vigor of internet and search engines. The innovative traits of technology seem to know no bounds and there are huge demands of products and services that are mainly searched and supplied through online.

Broadly speaking, Kolkata has witnessed a radical change in marketing trends over the decades tracing back to the beginning of Colonial trade in the 15th century till the digital era of today.

However, as the technological advancements are concerned, Kolkata lags behind metropolises in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Surprisingly, this paves an unhindered and quick accessibility for the modern and innovative technological advancements and low-cost website design in Kolkata to penetrate in every nook and corners of Kolkata.

Thus the fastest developing IT and top web design company in Kolkata has a plethora of opportunities to promulgate and expand their ideas and skills to provide the exceptional and unsurpassable digital marketing services. Small businesses starting from the scratch and the ones still existing with the primitive business methods can embrace the change brought by this dynamism.

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