The Gateway of North-East

Lying between the foothills of Shillong plateau and banks of Brahmaputra, Guwahati is the real gateway to North East. This city has its own ancient and spiritual history. According to international surveys, it has been found that Guwahati is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is among the 100 fastest growing cities in the world.

The aroma of tea, fresh green ambiance and modernization amalgamate to offer the best of the place to the visitors. Known for being the main connecting point for the northeastern states, Guwahati has its own value and importance to the people. The spiritual inclination of the state is evident through the Kamakhya temple, Navagraha temple, Bhuvneshwari temple, Vashishtha temple and much more.

Weather of this city is another factor for drawing people to its place. Neither very cold and nor very hot, Guwahati has a moderately humid subtropical climate. However, there is little proneness towards earthquake. Primarily dominated by the Assamese, Guwahati has a cosmopolitan population. One could see Bengalis, Marwaris and other northeastern populations residing in the city.

The Tea Hub

Guwahati's ancient heritage goes long back. However, now it is the major Webdesign Guwahati commercial hub of Assam or rather the entire North East. Coming to education, Guwahati shelters elite institutions like IIT, Gauhati University, and Cotton College. This makes Guwahati the place for many students of Assam and entire North East. With a close connection to North Bengal, Guwahati is a booming market for trade and commerce. The major industries of the city are IOCL and NRL. There is tea auction center for CTC tea as well. However, with each passing day and establishment of IIT Guwahati, the IT market of this city is also developing. Companies like Cyber Help India are showing their interests in this rapidly emerging city.

A growing IT Hub

Starting from web development to digital marketing to mobile app development, you can avail a wide range of digital services from reputed IT companies based in Guwahati. Companies are offering services ranging from software development, digital marketing, SEO services to graphic designing. They are serving mostly to the local manufacturers and service industries. Also, the oil companies and universities are important clients for these IT companies. With so much around, Guwahati is now one of the hottest destinations for the IT professionals to settle and look for a job.



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