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Second largest city of West Bengal

With the ever-growing urbanization, a steady growth in modernization and the influx of diverse industries in this scenic town, Siliguri is one of West Bengal's most crucial destinations in terms of advancement in the corporate field. It is every aspiring entrepreneur's playground. Earlier just a patch of flatlands, now this town proudly flaunts uplifting rates in the sphere of literacy, urbanization, infrastructure development, and more. Being a cosmopolitan town, Siliguri is home to Bengalis, Marwaris, Biharis, Bhutias & Gorkhas.

The Chicken's neck

Due to its strategic location, Siliguri is often referred to as The Chicken's Neck. Situated at the base of the mighty Himalayas, Siliguri is evidently a narrow strip of land that connects the Indian mainland with the rest of Webdesign Siligurithe North-eastern states of India fondly known as the Seven Sister States, along with the state of Sikkim. Hence, Siliguri has emerged to be every Himalayan traveler's resting spot.

With the seasonal Mahananda bifurcating it, Siliguri enjoys a relatively less prickly climate compared to its neighboring cities further south. However, being nestled right beneath the densely forested vales, the area is mildly earthquake-prone due to the presence of fault lines on uplands. Apart from connecting the seven sisters to the rest of the Indian mainland, Siliguri is also a prime gateway to Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh. It is one of the three satellites IT hub and township of West Bengal Government, attracting major IT companies to set up functional headquarters in this domain. With Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority's initiative, many companies have already started operating.

Web design, SEO, Software companies

Cyber Help India is one such IT Company operating in Siliguri. It encompasses a wide range of services that include Web Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing to Graphic Designing. The mushrooming and rapid establishment of such IT companies bring out a fresh set of employment opportunities for the local talent pool, helping Siliguri emerge as one of the industrial pioneers in the near future.

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