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When you want to opt for a more intimate method to command a potential customer's attention, sometimes it is preferable to step aside from the ever-hustling social platforms and address them quietly in their mailbox. In there, you will have their undivided attention. Hence, despite the arrival of various new alternatives, marketing through bulk-emailing has always proved to be effective.

With the employment of the most competent software/API, Cyber Help India dispenses the service of bulk-emailing for a wide array of clients entertaining a large database of customers who sign up for regular newsletters & customized emails.

Bulk emailing is also ideal for promoting business through geo-targeting strategies. It is used to deliver important updates on your products and services to your customers in a more personalized manner as compared to general social media marketing campaigns that are seen by many.

The customers can also opt for a subscription for your emails & newsletters that are dispensed on a weekly/daily basis as per the instruction of the client. The Cyber Help team also effortlessly keeps track of the emails viewed, a number of subscriptions requested, the rate of conversions and spam reports.


Reliable Framework

Our bulk emailing undertakings have an integrated framework that ensures the emails devised to promote your business have standard and impressive bodies.


Scalable Service

We effortlessly handle large masses of audience bulk and ensure your business promotion and advertisement covers a wider radius so that no stone is left unturned.


User-Friendly Interface

You can take the matters and engineer your own promotional emails with easy to use marketing tools that can be navigated and browsed by everyone.

Our Cost Effective Bulk Email Service

Bulk Email Packages

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