What must you do digitally when your traditional business is almost getting closed

What must you do digitally when your traditional business is almost getting closed


If you are a business owner who still survives on traditional marketing approach, you are really limiting your chances for a bigger expansion and highlight. The internet has made buying and selling easy and has put them together under the command of your fingertips. We do not see much people physically visiting a store to buy something like they did a few years before the internet took over. No one stands in a line anymore for buying tickets, groceries or for paying any bills. The virtual store is much more visited by customers than any of the physical stores. The business scenario has gone completely digital and at present conventional marketing has just become a myth that has just a few strings attached before being completely shut down.

Why must you Go Digital?

India has the 2nd largest number of Mobile Internet users according to a survey and that too before the introduction of the revolutionary Internet services provided by the JIO telecom. The Internet has bought about a digital change where people do not like to wait for anything and they want the market to be open to customers 24/7, which has been made possible through the virtual way. It has been analyzed that almost 90 percent of the Indian population take the help of the online search before they buy anything. The use of physical stores for buying is also on the verge of being extinct. Only stores who have gone digital are the ones that are engaging in a global chain of supply and demand which doesn’t depend on any physical or geographical barriers.

The benefits of going Digital as well as going Green!!

India has been stressing recently on ‘Going Digital’ which is probably the newest trend that has been rapidly transforming the traditional ways that our country was running on. It is not just a phrase, but a simple digital concept which needs to be properly understood before making any efforts to ‘Go Digital’. The term also includes the replacement of digital files over paper copies that not only took much space but also became very tough to be referred to, when needed. Going digital may also include sending of invoices through email and use of Digital payment methods like PayPal.

Going Digital may also be referred to as ‘Going Green’ as it also helps save the environment, as you are using less paper and creating less garbage. Going green can also boost your business’s reputation in the eyes of your customers and the community. A huge amount of expenses are tackled when you decide to go digital. Your business would benefit from money saved on postage, paper, printer and ink costs. A whole office could actually carry out most of their operations digitally which is not only cost effective but also very time saving and easier to be saved for further references.

I am already having good business offline. Why should I go online?

It is a great news that your business is unaffected by the new digital marketing methods. The question that you can ask yourself is ‘But for how long’. Your offline success may be a result of your good connections with your customers in that particular geographical location and some loyal customers but you cannot assure the same results if you expect your business to run forever. People shift, relationships may differ but if you Go Digital, you open up your chances to serve customers throughout the country, which outnumbers your few loyal customers.

Why Go Digital even when your products do not sell offline?

Some people are ignorant of the Digital advantages that come along but only view it as a direct selling portal. Some products do not sell online when the customers are not sure about its quality and prefer the touch and feel before buying anything. However, you could in return not just focus on selling but provide as much information about the product which may, in turn, affect their decision to go with some particular product. This will inform them about the availability of the product on your store which they might visit to check out the product.

Is Digital Marketing just about having a website?

People often narrow the meaning of Digital Marketing to just having a website for their business growth. Actually, it is not so, Website is just a medium of interaction between the customers and the owners that let the customers know about the range of products your company deals in. Digital Marketing actually involves the techniques and strategies that are done on the website for a better growth and sales. The leads and inquiries are also the smallest components of Digital marketing that leads up to a successful marketing campaign.

What makes an existing website unproductive?

Many business owners expect their website to bring them lots of customers but they tend to forget that there are millions of other websites too on the internet and it is really stupid to make a website and expect a miracle to happen. Just as a plant cannot grow without water and sunshine, a Website also cannot flourish if it is not watered with some effective Digital Marketing strategies like SEO and other services. Providing a website with some necessary components of Digital Marketing is the right way to make your Website, a fruitful investment.

What are the different types of Digital Marketing strategies?

Going Digital is the right choice if your business has lost its charm and is on the verge of shutting down. As people have become more and more addicted to the use of the Internet for almost everything, offline sales have really declined at a tremendous rate leaving them no other option but to Go Digital. The Digital way involves a variety of steps and making Website is one of them. Here are some of the Digital modifications that help a business to be seen on the global platform, inform clients about the products they deal in and also to sell without any geographical limitations.

Social Media Marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Email Marketing.

Content Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Affiliate Marketing.

Going digital may be expensive but is it worth the money?

A lot of business owners are ignorant about going digital due to the cost factor. Everybody has an impression that making their business online and implementation of Digital Marketing is a costly affair but it is not true. When you compare online and offline methods of advertisement, you realize that online is a far better deal which can also allow us to track the statistics regarding online marketing. The cost involved in offline marketing consisted of geographical barriers without any means to measure its effectiveness. In short, you had to invest money without any assurance of success. Digital Marketing investment, on the other hand, involves Global exposure, progress tracker, success assessment and social presence among the millions of Internet users both on PC as well as on Mobile. So, going Digital is surely the best investment you can make to promote your business.

A Digital Transformation is the only way to a successful business…

It is sad to see some Local shops being heavily affected by the digital change and on the verge of shutting down due to negligible sales. The traditional marketing ways have completely lost their charm and the Internet has become the top platform to see and be seen. There are not just one but many types of Digital Platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Transit media, Twitter ads and few other effective marketing techniques which can really transform the fate of the business. Today a good business is one which has a suitable physical store along with a variety of Digital advertisement supporting its sales through various platforms. Going Digital is the solution that must be taken as soon as possible so that your memories attached to your business continues to exist forever.

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