Top 5 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2023


Every website requires a perfect design without which it has no identity. For online business the role of a website is very important and moreover a professional design as per the trend. 2023 is another year, where your business can become a brand and you can improve it with a potential lead generation process.

Following up on the trend is the key when an online business enters the market and starts its journey. This is because, from a business perspective, its design matters a lot as it makes a first impression. If you want an enthralling website that can engage more customers, get in touch with a web designer in Siliguri today.

Website designing is not a big deal when it comes to an online business but understanding the trend and avoiding mistakes is the key part that might help your business. Let's understand these step by step below:

Non-responsive Web Design

In website design, responsive design refers to building a website that performs well and is easily optimizable on all devices. On the other hand, a non-responsive website negatively impacts the user’s mind, for its poor navigation and readability function.

How To Avoid Non-responsive Websites?

In such cases, your website isn’t mobile-friendly too. Start to build a mobile-suited new website that loads properly on a small screen. Then focus to fit your website on a laptop or tablet. Pay strong attention to UX/UI while creating a mobile-friendly new site. Use media queries and CSS3 module tools to hide, adjust, moving the contents based on your screen’s resolution and size.

Navigation Problem

Website navigation permits visitors to visit your page to competitors within a fraction of a second. If your website has a navigation problem your audience will not find any content there. No content represents no conversions.

How To Avoid Navigation Problems?

  • Avoid the sidebar in the rest portion of the content
  • Mark the hyperlink in a different color, font, bolded or underlined
  • Write lucid and simple addresses while building a hyperlink
  • Maintain structure perfectly and erase clutter
  • Use the CTA button
  • Ensure your site’s navigation bar is mobile responsive

Manage Pop-Ups

People often feel disturbed when they browse a website and pop-ups appear suddenly in front of them. In most cases, it diverts customers and decreases UX quality. In addition, it also carries a high bounce rate.

How To Manage Pop-Up Use?

  • Add only valuable pop-ups for the users on your site, which should waste users’ time.
  • Design pop-ups with much care as it is suitable for your website
  • Check pop-ups are either responsive
  • Don’t express pop up immediately while the user navigating the site
  • Insert a lucid existing way (cross mark button at the top right) for your pop up

Loading Issue

For the large screen, whether your website takes more than four seconds to load, it considers late. Similarly, in the small screen loading takes more than one to two seconds, which means your website has a slow loading issue. It creates a negative effect on SEO ranking.

How To Manage Loading Issues?

  • Squeeze the images which are used on the website
  • Add cache functionality to your website
  • Don’t use unclean codings such as inline style, huge comments, and white space those make your site heavy

Outdated Visual Content

Websites with poor-quality images, unmatchable color choices, outdated videos, and style are the obstacles to staying users of your website.

How To Avoid Terrible Visual Content?

  • Abolish unimportant design
  • A maximum of five colors are enough for a web layout
  • Use proper graphics that maintain the rhythm of your business

To avoid mistakes, simply get in touch with your best web designer in Siliguri. Change your design strategy according to the trend and fix all errors with the help of a professional. This way you can improve your online business and get a better position in the marketplace.

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