Get Found On The First Page

Get Found On The First Page


The internet is a magical place where all your questions are answered in an instant, from the distance of the moon from the earth or how to cook a pizza. Now-a-days people consult the internet and flood it with queries every chance they get. We are anxious and want answers immediately and donít even bother scrolling onto the next page, so the searches that turn up on the first page have higher click through rate. The results that appear on the first page depends largely on seo and other digital marketing strategies. Given the current circumstances there are many upcoming SEO companies in Sikkim and Siliguri.

Table of contents:

  1. The race for the first page
  2. How to get on the first page
  3. Useful Tips and Tricks

The race for the first page

Googleís computer algorithm decides the pages that are showcased on the first page depending on the most appropriate keywords or the key phrases. Getting found on the first page has become a priority for ever web content and the battle for the first page is constant. If your page is on the second or the third page you might as well consider it non- existent. Here are a few things you can do to get on that first page.

How to get on the first page

The race for the first page when you are trying to grow organically is pretty slow. Nevertheless it does help you to produce good, quality content.

Create original posts for your website.

 Create engaging posts for your website with engaging and diverse content to acctract a lot of users. Make sure the websites are mobile friendly and have a good page speed.

Increase the number and frequency of posts.

If you want your users to stay with you, they need something to be hooked on. If the amount of content is high, they can spend hours reading and switching from on post to another and that works wonders for you. Also, if you post frequently they are more likely to come back for new content.

Pick a keyword for your post

Pick the best keyword for your business and then incorporate it within your post. It is very important to incorporate the keyword in a way that it flows with the text or else it will not function as it is supposed to. Although you should not flood your post with keywords, make sure to use it at least thrice in one post.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Long- tail searches.

Keyword searches are shorter and more generalised so it leads to a large number of results. Using long tail searches give you a precise description, eliminating a lot of useless searches and resulting in less number of searches. This will increase your chances of making it to the first page.

 Back links

Estimate the number of back links you need and keep increasing the number of back links and also ass internal links for your content to move closer to the front page.

 The algorithms and the keywords for the first place keep changing everyday and there is no sure fire way to determine what page is on the first page.

Cyber Help India is a digital marketing company that helps your page to be found on the first page. It is now branching out as an SEO companies in Sikkim. Cyber Help India specializes in digital marketing contents of all kinds and is now one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Sikkim, Siliguri and the North East.

This post may be useful for those starting a blog. It also contains information about SEO and long tail searches..

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