How are small businesses in Kolkata investing in digital marketing?

How are small businesses in Kolkata investing in digital marketing?


“Believe that everything is a possibility, and then ask what you need to do to make it a reality” – Founder of Career Contessa. This quote goes well with what digital marketing has done to small and medium-sized business now. The big fishes of the market can no longer suppress the market for its small and medium-sized competitors. Without caring about the goodwill that has been built over a period of family hierarchy, a Small business can dream to achieve its goals if it does the correct marketing for its products and services not only inside the area it is located but also beyond the places that we would have never expected to have reached. The digital platform has been well connecting a company and its customers irrespective of its size.

The Kolkata itself has seen a huge boost in small and mid-sized companies who seem to understand the marketing strategies nowadays and the importance of the digital platform. So they too have been seen taking digital marketing a step forward and trying to do something a little different from its closest competitors. Overall, the market thrives as a whole due to the innovative sources of Digital marketing.

Digital marketing a boon for small business owners

Kolkata was the hub of trade and services due to its wide connectivity through ports, land and rail. It was also the capital of British India but now several other cities have surpassed Kolkata as a business hub. I believe it is mainly due to the non-existence of Companies who come out and do something that very few people have done. They now want to follow a business model which has already run, popularised and guaranteed as a 100 percent success.

As we see a line of young and refreshing minds occupying top administrative positions, CEO’s, entrepreneurs etc. The scenario of small business has been changing for the good and every business like around 60 percent of companies in Kolkata itself have their own website or are on Facebook or other social mediums, which is a source of their interaction with customers beyond land barriers. They have now almost given up traditional marketing techniques, but still, some are still sceptical about its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. It still needs a few more years to be an important part of a companies business model after or before its incorporation.

Both small business owners as well as developing business owners have been understanding and getting used to Digital marketing, which is the need of the hour. With about billions of people using the internet, it proves to be the right platform to be seen by a relatively huge crowd worldwide. The small business nowadays can prove as profitable as the big companies by using the right platform of advertisement, digital marketing.

Digital marketing and its importance in Kolkata

Changes aren’t always for the better but in relation to the business sector in Kolkata, it seems to work well with the young trend of entrepreneurs. They have accepted that old marketing techniques have stopped bringing fruitful results as people do not want to buy the same old thing that they have been hearing from ages. The number of Radio stations has increased in Kolkata and once you ride a yellow cab in Kolkata, you shall hear attractive advertisement through ads over the FM stations. It is not just the big companies that invest on a Digital form of advertising but we can also hear new opening brands offer discounts and small restaurants using their best catchy lines to attract customers who are willing to visit around Kolkata for qualities that have been becoming viral through digital advertisements.

Kolkata has been the hub of Indian business scene right from the time of the British rule because of its ease of transportation options. It is connected by road, railways and also seaways. A digital marketing company in Kolkata was not popular enough and people hardly wanted to engage in digital marketing. The trading and advertisement steps taken by both small and big business were all Barbaric.

Going where the west goes:

Everything we implement in India is mostly trending which have come to India after being successfully implemented from the west. We have a very little source of first-hand initiatives because we do not want to take risks. We want results, right away. Since we are typical followers of the west, it took us years to understand the use of visual manipulations that can be done through hoardings and social advertisements, which are all around the customers.

In recent times, the business owners have become smart and Kolkata has realised the importance of good reputation not only in Kolkata but also throughout India. The digital platform is the train they took which helped to popularize their services across India and generated a healthy crowd outside their base too. There is a company, who serves as the best digital marketing company in Kolkata. They help you build good reputation, confidence and trust in front of the customers, which is essential for companies nowadays. A positive reputation of a company through promotion from a digital marketing agency in Kolkata is surely doubling your customers in a matter of time.

The owners of a business in Kolkata have accepted the digital way of life and they take specialist help from top digital marketing companies in Kolkata, to boost their reputation and sales.

Customers who view Digital marketing as an unfruitful cost!!

The consumer behaviour is really hard to understand so the chances of your digital marketing ad to really bring fruitful result in just a few days in a rare possibility. It is a process which must be continuously volunteered and updated according to everyday changes in business environments. Customers do not want to view the advertisement cost as an investment and this is exactly where the customer limits its business from the outside market of endless possibilities.

Here is a guide to Digital Marketing and how it works

With Kolkata boosting with a number of small and big business every day, the competition has been fierce. Though costly you shall have to engage in digital marketing or use the service of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata to promote your business or services and gain a reputation among targeted customers who can later change to customers.

Using digital marketing services in Kolkata is essential to at least survive in such a competitive market. So if you are a small business whose customers are limited in spite of excellent services provided, you deserve an upgrade by promoting your brand or service through Digital marketing techniques. There is some technique which when implemented in your own marketing strategy can help you gain positive marketing results.

Make it a must to strengthen some of the aspects of your company by using the digital marketing strategies below.

These are ways to create a better interactive relationship with customers as well as increase customer trust and loyalty by popularising your company brand through effective techniques stated below:

Creative Elements

Digital advertising generally means the use of the visual ways to create an everlasting impact on the customers. So before a company proceeds to the advertisement it should first take care of its own brand recognition. Firstly while incorporating a company or a Brand, the logo of your company, a mascot, the right font which suits your purpose and finally right colours must be given time and attention as this is what the customers are going to see your brand. Try to make it differential as well recognizable and catchy.

Besides being constantly visible to the audience, you should also target on gaining attention as well as well as force the customers to remember your brand.

Using unique and creative visual elements in your ads is essential as it ensures a high rate of consumer conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is optimising the website in a way which shall increase the volume of traffic towards your brand website through optimised search engine results.

In a simple language SEO is actually steps and techniques which are used to promote your website so that it comes up naturally and more often than most other brand results in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. The relevancy of the search engine is constantly optimised by Google but SEO is a technique of algorithm manipulation which forces search engines to pop up your website regularly which results in good traffic as well as good customer conversions too.

SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that is designed to bring huge traffic towards your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is one of the effective forms of internet marketing that uses social media platforms as a marketing tool. The SMM will make a strategy to produce content, which is most likely to be shared by users with their social network which shall increase the exposure of the brand and widen customer reach.

Digital marketing has largely understood the reach of the social media platforms and its reaches so SMM is an effective medium for the popularising of your brand without boundaries or barriers.

Other good uses of SMM would be that it provides a platform for interaction between the company and its customers which gives them a personal touch of trust and loyalty with regard to the brand. The interactive part lets the customers ask questions and get direct feedback on the brand issues from customers which were missing in the old marketing ways.

This part of SMM is termed as social customer relationship management. It helps in building a personal touch between a company and its customers.

Integrate All Marketing Channels

With the internet becoming accessible across the globe, we are now updating about everything around the world through various ways and various channels which act as a social media platform. The consumers are witnessing a lot of brands and their ads which pop up during their browsing session. Though chances of the customer opening the ads and becoming ready for purchase is very less what the media platforms are trying to do here is effectively reaching the customers through consistent messaging.

What is basically happening is that the ads are integrated and broadcasted across various social platforms to provide the same message to the customers to increase the chances of conversion through the repetitive occurrence of the same brand ad. They have known that one time ads or in a single platform are not necessary to create a lasting impression. They are confused and overshadowed by other ads who are more catchy and innovative.

However, due to each platform having a same or varied feel to it, you must make sure the ads are adapted to suit the platform in the best way possible because you do not want to be oddly unique through thorough digital efforts.

Digital Media Planning

Everyone has noticed ads for smartphones, clothing brands, real estates and other products across various public internet portals. They just pop up from nowhere and advertise their product while you are visiting your Facebook or searching something on GOOGLE. The appearance of advertisement during our surfing of the internet or social platforms is exactly the work or planning which are done by the Digital Media Planners. They strategize on how a particular ad should match with a specific social platform and how can the customers of a particular platform be related to certain buying habits and behaviour is what they think about before posting the ads there.

Digital media planning involves negotiating, strategizing and purchasing ad placements. When planning is done regarding where to advertise and which space to invest for maximum customer responses, these digital media planners are bound to research about the product being advertised. They are also making plans to reach its target audience and how to reach their goals of the campaign.

“Luck doesn’t play a vital role in your business, your next step will”

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