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Your medical institution serves numerous ailing lives. With lives at stake during any given hour in your premises, every member of your hospital is required to bring forth his/her best. But hours of pending manual paperwork consume rigorous amount of work hours from your staff that should ideally be dedicated towards serving your patients.

Avoid this management blunder.
Adopt a systematic, top hospital management & maintenance software, designed to tone down your operational workload, and introduce newfound efficiency into your daily working schedule. With the introduction of a proper medical software system, you ensure maintenance of spotless online hospital records, track your billings & amp;revenues effortlessly and get in touch with insurance policy agencies with ease to promote mutual business.

Cyber Help India is one of the most reputed hospital management software designing companies having functional headquarters in Siliguri & extended offices in Sikkim, Darjeeling & Guwahati. Having devised custom software for medical institutions since a decade, we know what it takes to introduce the much needed efficiency in your workplace.

Introduce a more accurate alternative to keep track of your monetary transaction with our versatile hospital billing system & accounting software. Never miss out on pending payments. Figure out a more reliable way to maintain insurance treatment records and create automated medical reports that are easy to share through online platforms.

All of this covered - with one versatile Medical Software.



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What Cyber Help India has in store

Facilities that enhance Professionalism


Data Backup

Never miss out on a detail with automated data backup over regular intervals


Communicate Easy

Reach out to your clients through notifications regarding appointments & more


Be Available

Broadcast visiting hours, appointment timings and emergency announcements with just a click of a button.


Increase Satisfaction

With personalized attention, earn the esteemed loyalty of your customers over the long run.


Earn Recommendation

With managerial progress, shine out of the crowd and get recommended.


Exercise Control

A software lets you manage the entire hospital from the comfort of your own personal computer.

Offer your Institution a Gift of Online Advancement

Embrace a Management Miracle


Productivity Increased

A management software can be maintained and updated with just a few clicks that saves a whole lot of productive time ideal to be used on patients. It lets you shift your focus to where it matters the most.


Automated Upgradation

With automatic generation of bills, maintenance of records and calculation of revenues, your institution will hardly suffer from management errors that are normally committed under regular manual supervision.


Assurance Generation

With automated and transparent billings and spotless monetary records of each transaction given to your patients, a trust factor is generated in the long term, that helps you build a positive reputation amidst the crowd.


Secure Management

With every medical detail concerning your hospital being updated online into an integrated software, your crucial data enjoys unmatched security over the cyber space without any chances of you losing it over a misplaced file.

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