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With hundreds of students and teachers functioning together as a team on an everyday basis in your institution, you are in dire need of a fresh wave of efficiency. Its time you geared up for a technical advancement in the manner your business functions. Aim on making the pending paper-works disappear. Assess and track weekly performances of students in a faster, more accurate way. Keep track of staff regularity with just a click of a button.

Your education business is in need of a smart education software.

Through the installation of custom software, your institution takes a step ahead in the realm of digital advancement & embraces a more efficient technique of administration, where a computer makes every task faster & more accurate. Attendance maintenance is easier and ensures zero errors; you maintain and easily update stellar staff records, monetary transactions are more secure, admissions are automated, saving a lot of time & manpower, and you can access student information with just numbered clicks on neatly managed sections. Welcome to simplified institution management.

We at Cyber Help India, arguably create the best and the most efficient school management software in India. We have expertise in creating customized software for reputed colleges, schools, training institutes in Siliguri, Darjeeling, Nepal, Sikkim & Guwahati.

No matter where your functional base is, our higher education software development company operates on multiple areas, making sure that we become your local marketing partner. With enhanced communication, our school software development company in India understands and enforces your personal requirements in our project, giving you an end product the way you desired it to be.

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Admission Management

Regulate, monitor and analyze the yearly influx of new recruits with just few clicks.


Attendance Management

Keep spotless track of the entire institution with simplified, neatly categorized templates designed by us.


Event Management

Never let an occasion go amiss with our regular event updates designed to keep you ahead of the academic schedule.


In Touch with Parents

Be an integral part of your student's life through regular mobile wishes & updates to their parents.


Social Media Involvement

Reach out to your concerned ones where they're present the most. Infiltrate social media with our assistance.


Transport Management

Offer your student an integral amenity package through simplified & secure travel management for them.

Categorize and Simplify your Operational Tasks with Our Help

Achieve Optimum Efficiency through Digital Advancement


Quicker Operation Execution

By ditching the paperwork for every tiny detail and maintaining a software for enlisting students and staff, attendance and monthly reports, you save a whole lot of time.


Enhanced Accessibility

With digital enrolment of every member of the institution, you can find them over your extensive database by just typing their name in the search button rather than flipping endless files.


Error-Less Management

With digital undertakings of all of your monetary dealings, enjoy error-less transactions with automated saving of submission dates for future references.


Refocus your Goal

With lesser time spent on endless paperwork, focus more on the qualitative development of your institute, that is the ultimate long-term goal of your institution.

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