Youtube AD - 5000 Views

Delivery in : 30 Days
Youtube AD - 5000 Views

Youtube AD - 5000 Views

Delivery in : 30 Days

Product Features

This YouTube Ad involves proper channel creation and engages in ads that are sure to reach out to a huge list of viewers who may be your future customers. The engagement of YouTube is unbelievable and being seen creatively on the YouTube along with detail monitoring & visitor analysis helps improving effectiveness from time to time. Higher view rates which are part of this package and are delivered on time to promote the growth that you need urgently.

Your YouTube Ad Format:

The format of your YouTube ad will determine the cost of your ad: In-search ads are ads that show up at the top of YouTube search results. In-slate ads are ads that are displayed on the right side-bar in your suggested videos list (i.e., the list of videos suggested to you after you’ve finished watching a video). In-stream ads are the most common type of ad format used on YouTube: It’s the ad shown on your video before the actual video starts streaming. And finally, in-display ads are the ads you see beside the video you are playing – i.e., the ad displayed on the right side-bar of the YouTube window atop the list of suggested videos.

Your YouTube Ad Type:

The type of YouTube ad you display is also a factor on the price of your ad. For instance, the banner ad displayed on YouTube’s homepage is pretty expensive compared to other ad types. Then there are the in-stream format ads, which are of two types: Skip-able and non-skip-able ads. The skip-able ads are the ads a user can skip after around 5 seconds of watching the ad. While the non-skip-able ads are ads that a user must watch before that can get to watch the actual video. Predictably, the cost of displaying non skip-able ads is more than displaying skip-able ads. (And on the other side, the video uploader or channel owner earns more with non-skip-able ads than with skip-able ads as well.) Then, there are the ads that are simply displayed as links at the bottom or top of a video while it is playing, and these are cheaper overall. However, as they can be closed by the user any time, the lower costs of such ads is expected.

  • Youtube Channel creation
  • Youtube Cover Design
  • Facebook Ads Manager Setup
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Visitor Analysis
  • Setup & Tracking/Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Youtube Reach Maximum People ( 5000 Views )
  • Note : All Cost Including 18% GST | Service Charge 30% total amount of ad budget.
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