Standard SEO Packages

Delivery in : 30 Days
Standard SEO Packages

Standard SEO Packages

Delivery in : 30 Days

Product Features

It is a Standard package that stresses on highlighting your website high on the search engine results. SEO is a strategy that is designed to boost your virtual highlight and our standard pack is the ultimate solution to drive traffic and promote conversions to your website. These are upgrades to our basic packs for urgent results and traffic through effective SEO strategies. It takes time to be shown through organic results which some business cannot wait for, so this pack of ours is the immediate solution.

Website Analysis

  • Website Audit YES
  • Competitor Backlinks Analysis YES
  • Broken Links Test YES
  • Image Alt Test YES
  • Google Analytics Test YES
  • Favicon Test YES
  • HTML Page Size Test YES
  • Site Loading Speed Test YES
  • Page Cache Test YES
  • URL Redirects Checker YES
  • Media Query Responsive Test YES
  • Nofollow Checker YES
  • Frameset Test YES
  • SEO Friendly URL Test YES
  • Sitemap Test YES

Onpage SEO

  • Keyword research YES
  • Find out the target set of keywords YES
  • Always work on a group of keywords (even if client insists on single keywords) YES
  • Do the keyword to page assignment YES
  • Create pages for the set of keywords wherever it is required YES
  • Work on website content interlinking and try to increase the base of the website, it has a great impact on SEO YES
  • Add a blog to the website and add general content to the blog section related to the business YES
  • Optimize the target pages with url, title, description, interlinking, image etc. YES
  • Use the footer section properly YES
  • Social media post, business listings, Google map listings etc. YES
  • Create social media accounts and then do the basic activities in Facebook and G+ YES
  • Link all the social media accounts so that the FB posts could be replicated to other social platforms. YES
  • Do business listings and citations to theme specific and location specific websites. YES
  • SSL certificate integration YES Use breadcrumb for better user experience YES
  • Add schema for create trust factor on website (CTR) YES
  • Robots.txt file optimization YES
  • Bing sitemap create YES
  • Crawl error solution YES

SEO Site Link Building NEW Strategy (Monthly)

  • Blog article submission (5-6) monthly YES
  • Business listing YES
  • Infographic blogs submission YES
  • Blog Link posted in Facebook to make it viral in the Social media giant YES
  • Q&A submission YES
  • Website and blog interlink YES
  • Blog Link posted in G+ to make it viral in the Social media giant YES

Ideal Document Structure of a Webpage, for SEO purpose

  • Url of the page – it should have proper page depth and logical keywords in it YES
  • Title of the page YES
  • Description of the page YES
  • Proper use of header tags like h1, h2 etc YES
  • Keyword rich yet informative content YES
  • Creative/images wherever applicable to make it viral YES
  • Interlinking between related pages YES
  • Blog posts or articles within the website YES
  • Use social media button at the bottom of the webpage YES
  • Call to the action as applicable YES

Local Google Search Engine

  • Nap submission(Name, Address, Phone) YES
  • Google Map listing YES
  • Google Map Article Post YES
  • Bing listing YES

SEO Monitoring

Website rank monitors (keywords) Daily Website traffic analysis Daily Goals conversion check Daily Website bad link check.

  • Website Analysis
  • Onpage / Offpage SEO
  • Ideal Document Structure of a Webpage, for SEO purpose
  • Local Google Search Engine
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Our Social Media Deliverables
  • SEO Report Deliverables (Monthly)
  • 5 Keywords with 15 Sub Keywords from Set. 
  • Minimum Booking Duration 6 Months. Total Cost: Rs.70800/-
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