Why small-businesses Without SEO services in India are failing to survive?

Why small-businesses Without SEO services in India are failing to survive?


Business has always favored the rich while small business has always suffered under them due to lack of funds. The scenario carried on until the Internet changed the way business was done. The Digital way of marketing and strategies brought about equality by providing equal opportunities to both the business giants as well as the small business. The magic wand to success has been found yet some small businesses do not want to adapt to anything new which results in their downfall.

The reasons behind the failure

Despite the scale of your business operation, it is a fact that every company has to depend on their customers for success. The era has changed and traditional marketing and geographically restricted selling can no more support the growth of small business. Reaching out to the customers has been the primary drawback as your few loyal customers are not enough and your reach now needs to be vast. Unless you own a website and stress on digital highlight & ad strategies, you shall remain unseen by customers.

Other concerns that they deal with:

  • Large-scale competitors with huge budgets and resources
  • Limited finances at your disposal
  • Isolated and restricted reach

What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a use of effective strategies, techniques, and planning which is used to increase the reach and traffic of your website by securing high-rank in the Google search results page. It is done through expert knowledge of SEO guidelines and proper planning. It is pretty hectic to be able to master on your own and SEO experts could be hired for assured results.

What optimizations does SEO make for small business?

SEO is not just a single step but a series of optimizations that collectively works towards giving your website a high search engine rank, attractive design, and huge reach. Let us see some of the important modifications needed:

Website: A well designed, fast, user-friendly & mobile-friendly website is a must.

Content: SEO friendly content designed for effective impact and search friendly.

Content marketing: Info blog contents on popular issues can draw huge attention.

On-page description: Meta titles and Meta descriptions have to be optimized for better results.

Local SEO: Optimizing your website so that people are able to locate your business in real life

Authority build up: Inter Linking to strong search results can prove beneficial for small business.

Image build up: Portfolios, customer reviews or testimonials may give you an edge over others.

How does it benefit?

Among major metro cities, Kolkata has been seeing huge rise and growth of small business that is competing for head to head with other fierce competitors. This has really spiced up the SEO sector and has created a huge demand for SEO companies in Kolkata who provide the most effective SEO services in Kolkata and other cities too.

Some companies that have grown through SEO

There are few brands those of whom started their services in the dark without many highlights or search traffic. The good phase of their life started when they decided to go on with their digital change and they applied SEO strategies into their business activities.


Travel partner R.S Travels, a leading travel agency for northeast also gained its current stronghold all due to SEO. Koi moi is a Bollywood insider sharing latest news and facts on the film industry which has achieved its current status all due to SEO.

Besides grocery website Dely Bazaar too had their share of luck only after they also adapted the SEO.

Let us discuss few benefits SEO brings to a business.

1. User-Friendly Websites

Due to advanced SEO guidelines, small business optimizes their websites by making it faster, smooth and user-friendly. Better user experience creates better chances of customer engagement and conversion.

2. More Customers

The primary goal of SEO is to lure customers and to give your website an edge over other competitors. So with website optimization, you are also engaging your business towards huge traffic of probable customers seeking to find your product or service.

3. Better Conversion

SEO optimized websites loads faster and are optimized for most electronic devices which allow them to be viewed anytime and anywhere. This surely is an advantage of SEO which also brings in huge customers and more customers do guarantee your small business better conversion.

4. Brand Awareness

One of the benefits of getting higher rankings on search engines is also brand awareness. When your sites appear on the first page, customers are bound to engage and trust your brand as they relate high rankings directly to best services when searching on search engines.

“The reluctance to adapt is the primary cause for the decline of any business”

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