Why does a hotel business fail in India?

Why does a hotel business fail in India?


“Your business will be out of business if it doesn’t have a website”

So true, according to today’s digital market scenario.

Digital Marketing and its importance to business have reached its peak in recent years and business websites have benefited hugely towards their Digital Presence. Running a business is not an easy task as you may think. You have to offer the best services and products to the customers and have to build up a relationship with them. It would be almost impossible without an online presence.

Making traveling and services available online

Going digital is the new trend and also the key to the success of any small to mid-scale business. Staying online helps a startup to be visible to their probable customers but when a business has no online visibility they are likely to become forgotten and eventually unreached.

Hence, you should consider a travel website design in India for your tour and travel business. Go for a travel website design but remember to get it done from a good website designing company.

Let us discuss some good essential features that a travel website must have on their website-

1. A “U/I friendly” website is a must have-

Creating a website with a user-friendly interface is much more important than how beautiful your website does look. It must be easy to navigate around and book through the website as customers are likely to quit the site if it’s not U/I friendly and if they face hassles in booking a package or getting any information.

A travel website should be quick and user-friendly for any sort of device be it PC or smartphones.

2. Humanized search filters hold the customers-

The search filter is very useful for a travel business. It matches the requirements and expectations of the users in a much more humanized way developing the user’s booking experience.

Search filters are accepted as the vital element for travel website as it is helpful in understanding the varied parameters of traveling.

3. Correct use of Images and videos can boost excitement-

A set of well-chosen images with real people using or holding your product is able to make a difference. You can also consider making videos of people using your product and speaking about it like the way they do in advertisements over TV.

Images and videos speak louder than words and it is proven that people like to see real photos especially of the destinations where they are about to visit.

4. A proper platform to communicate with their customers-

Reviews help in improving your SEO rankings. Yes, that’s true. Today when most of the people are digital shoppers, they are likely to check and read the testimonials or reviews from other buyers. Further, they make the decision whether they should buy it or not.

A five-star rating and good user-generated reviews increase conversion rates.

5. The customers must get safe and simpler payment options-

Today most of the customers have multiple cards-like credit, debit, bank or prepaid cars. Hence, you should offer a maximum number of payment options so that they can book a package from your site easily.

However, you have to acknowledge the mode of payment that your customers prefer.

6. The power to be connected to other social platforms-

“Social media is not a part of the internet anymore rather it is the internet”-they said, very well said. A travel website must be linked with social media as travelers like to share their stories on the social media and interact with other travelers.

Travel businesses can increase conversion rates by acknowledging user-friendly social integrations.

7. Logo and Banner provides your business a distinct identity-

A logo is a symbol through which your startup gets recognition and becomes a brand. It’s like recognizing an iPhone just by seeing the Logo of the “bitten apple”. While banner is the showcase which highlights your products and services to the customers.

You definitely can’t go door to door and tell people what you have and what you offer. This is where banner comes as a helping hand.

8. Travel websites are clear about what they selling

Travel websites are very clear about what they are selling. All the additional charges and extras are added to the price list. No hidden charges are applicable so you get to know about the hotel rooms and the prices much before you book it.

Marketing the presence of your business online is as important as ensuring your presence in real life!!

Online visibility is very important for cementing your business in the virtual world. The competition is high as there are lots of entrepreneurs already reining the digital world. The only way to stand out and surpass them is by understanding the tips and tricks of the digital marketing. And when you learn the features of the travel website design, your growth has no stop.

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