Why do you need Mobile Travel website design in Siliguri?

Why do you need Mobile Travel website design in Siliguri?


1. Website design and development service

Website design and development service is an essential element in today’s world driven by the internet and rapidly advancing technologies. It is a medium to make people across the world aware of your business, products, and services that you provide. Website design and development helps the audience why your products are important and how it is unique from the competitors, and more, why it is necessary for them to use them.

Further, with website design in Siliguri you can:

Communicate- Effective interaction and communication is the key to build customer relations and to build a business. Communication will show that you’re concerned and dynamic who care about the needs and satisfaction of the customers.

Build and improve better connectivity- Website design Siliguri assures better reach and more traffic to your site. If you want to build a responsive site, then your business will get better visibility and reach with a wide range of visitor navigation through several devices, like tablets and mobile devices, which will yield you extensive exposure and traffic.

Strengthen reliability- Website design Siliguri ensures the easiest way of building the credibility of a business in the virtual world. It is a very crucial online tool to represent your business in the digital world for gaining traffic and better ROI.

2. What is mobile responsive design?

Mobile responsive web design is the strategy that suggests design and development of a responsive and device friendly website that is easy to navigate and device compatible despite the environment, orientation, type of device, and platform.

A mobile responsive design automatically delivers the desired content to your audience, regardless the size of the screen, version, and type of mobile device theyre browsing with.

3. Why do you need mobile responsive travel website?

Siliguri is the nerve center for the travel and tourism operation, so, it is very crucial to have a responsive travel website design in Siliguri because-

  • 85 % of leisure travelers use their mobile devices
  • 53 % of business travelers claim to have booked travel on a smart-phone
  • 80 % of traffic comes from mobile responsive sites
  • 76% of online searches are done via mobile devices
  • 60% travelers use mobiles to look for hotel deals
  • 59% of travelers use mobile to find flight deals
  • 25% have downloaded mobile apps specific for upcoming vacations

4. What is the basic cost of web designing with CHI in Siliguri?

The basic cost of website design in Siliguri with Cyber Help India is INR. 9. 999 with following basic services-

  • 6 No of Theme-Based Pages
  • 5 Email IDs
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 1GB Free Hosting
  • Responsive Layout
  • Home Page Header Slideshow
  • Clear CTAs(call-to-action)
  • Online Contact Form

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