Where Language fails your Logo speaks Loud

Where Language fails your Logo speaks Loud


“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English but are great in remembering signs” Karl Lagerfeld

As it is said in the quote, it is clear that the logo is very important for your brand to flourish. In simple words, a logo is like the profile picture of your profile. People recognize you with your profile picture. Your language or culture does not matter. Your Logo unites your customer and brings them close to your brand.

Therefore, to create a good impression of your brand you must have a logo.

What must the Logo Deliver?

It must be distinct and different along with an ability to be distinguished among several others. Besides, you also need to create a Logo that is very attractive and distinctly creative.

Here I have listed 6 points for you to understand the importance of Logo in details:

Attention Magnet:

Everyone is in a hurry. Especially your customers will only stop by if you have something interesting to offer. If you can visually attract a customer, they will give you some of their valuable time to explain your brand and business.

If you have a well-designed Logo, it will immediately grab the attention of your customers and they will try to avail your business.

Great First Impression:

We all know, the first impression is the last impression. Your Logo is what your customers see first. As you always try to give your best picture as your profile picture, it is the case with a Logo.

A Logo makes you a known figure to your customers and some of the new customers drag towards you with the first impression of the Logo.

An Identity for the Brand:

A Logo gives you a definite identity. It says who you are, what you do and how trustworthy you are. The logo is a simple sign for your Brand, but it has the power to direct people’s attention towards you.

People say, “Looks Matter”; for your brand, “Logo Matters”. Your Logo is who you are and what you sell. Create a good identity for your brand.

Helpful to remember:

There is a famous saying, “Lead the horse to water”. In your case, it is driving your audience to your company. When you have a Logo for your brand, your customers easily recognize you, wherever you are.

The logo is the simplest way to gain popularity. It helps your customer remember you easily.

Helps you Standout:

There might be other companies with similar names.  However, having a unique Logo separates you from others. You stand out in the crowd with an attractive logo.

Gives yourself a unique touch in the crowd full of competition.

Nurture Brand’s Loyalty:

Suppose you are a fast food brand and your customers return to you for your delicious food. Meanwhile, someone else opened a shop with a similar name and sales bad food. Your name may get affected without any fault of yours.

However, if you have a Logo it will make you unique and your customers will stay loyal to you without being fooled by others.

The Clock is ticking! Make Your Logo!

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