Web Development Trends You Must Know in 2020

Web Development Trends – You Must Know in 2020


Every year the trends in the web development changes to a greater or lesser extent. So, it becomes essential for a developer to get familiar with such trends to sustain in the on-going competition or to grab knowledge about technological updates. Following the trend is indeed important to save your time along with the chance of providing the information in a better sense. Every update in the IT field come up with some beneficial factor and make things easy with better user experience. In recent time, a web development company in Siliguri put their mind on such trends because the demand for web development trends is as high as ever.

Web Development Trends for 2020

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Research and studies reveal that mobile users are dominating the market in comparison to other users. People are finding comfort by using mobile application than mobile browsers. progressive web App is indeed the most impactful trend in this field the pushes the website browsing experience in a better space. This technological update is more friendly to end-users and helps them to face the challenges of troubleshooting issues, slowness, no offline access, and poor experience. By adopting this strategy one can increase the conversions with the decrease of loading time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is important to focus on the visibility of your website in the search engines because there is no meaning in creating websites if you are unable to reach the target audiences. Accelerated mobile pages enhance the mobile browsing experience and are considered as one of the latest trends in web development. Web development company in Siliguri encourage creating websites that load instantly on the mobile screen in just 2 seconds and that makes a difference. This technology is also beneficial for SEO and capturing a huge range of users in lesser time.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most rewarding trends that you can’t ignore in the year 2020. This web development trend has a greater impact on the web and the craze is increasing every day. According to the survey, more than 42 % of the users are finding voice search more convenient and easy in comparison to other searches. Adopting this trend is the only way to improve your visibility and staying ahead of the competition.

Hopefully, these web development trends will help you to make the strategies more effective and progressive towards reaching more audiences. Web Development Company in Siliguri is ready to help you in adopting such trends.

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