Protect Your Website From Hacking & Manual Actions

Protect Your Website From Hacking & Manual Actions


Maintaining a website is always difficult in comparison to creating a website because every time you need to be concerned about the security threat and search engine penalties that arise critical issues regarding the ranking of your site. After launching a website you should put your mind in many other segments like optimization and effective protection from attacks and hacking. Popular search engines are very much concerned about the increase of hacked sites in past years. The best web development company in Kolkata make the things more clear and understandable for users so that they will put necessary action to protect the site from the next target.

Thankfully developers are successful in their mission by reducing the number as 80 percent of hacked sites are removed from the search results. Such a progressive step towards website hacking will make things more justified for companies to pay more attention to protecting websites from hacking and manual actions.

Known about Website Compromises

Some of the major challenges that keep the website under risk and threats need to be understood in a better term so that you can deal with the matters by securing the website. The most common type of website compromise is the spam that is injected into the website to increase more traffic or distracting the attention of users from your website. Such spam is created by the hacker to put a bad impression of your site by redirecting restricted content.

Whereas, the malware was created to harm the data, devices or reputation of the website which affects directly to the website users. Popular search engines like Google will provide a strict warning for such malware. In recent time, credit card skimming is also very common website compromise where the new security thread is taken over the e-commerce platforms. Secure pay and protecting the card details while using online will make things under control.

What are the manual actions?

Manual actions can be simply defined by explaining the actions that do necessary adjustment in manipulating the by implementing tricks, deceptive behaviour like unnatural links, scraping content or limitations towards the specific set of rules. There are ways to handle and monitor such actions to keep the website secure by improving visibility.

What to do?

The first thing you should do is to consult with the best web development company in Kolkata to follow the steps towards protecting the website from hacking and manual actions. Search console is one of the best options where you will get notifications or warnings during attacks. Keeping the software updated is also necessary to get better protection as the development is done with the updates to secure the sites from hackers.

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