The Importance of User-friendly Experience while making a quality website in Siliguri

The Importance of User-friendly Experience while making a quality website in Siliguri


A website is a dedicated domain that consists of several web pages which provides valuable information about the associated institution or service on the internet. The new concept of online presence is made effective through a dedicated website designed to provide information about the institution or idea it represents.

A website is needed everywhere and its implication and use have been rapidly increasing in Siliguri. Siliguri is becoming the hub of major business and development activities and in a matter of few years, it has witnessed a subsequent increase in the number of small and big business houses, who are constantly competing against each other.

A website provides an Edge

Siliguri has a huge number of new business and start-ups who are constantly competing to provide better services at a budget cost. The completion was almost one way as people choose their products and services from companies who had good and attractive showrooms or large shops in the best places in Siliguri. The business sector was a monopoly which was guided by bigger business houses.

The introduction or the popularity of having a personal website completely changed the human economic behavior pattern and brought amazingly equal opportunities to all. People understood that to have an edge over the other, having a personal website for their business was the key tool which helped them to accomplish different marketing strategies for the growth of their business. Around 30 percent of the total business and other institutions in Siliguri own a website while others are risking the vast opportunities that are possible through the use of digital media.

The meaning of a quality website

A website design company in Siliguri has upgraded to the latest norms of creating a quality website as the business owners have understood the importance of a website as well as the ease of its use. There are millions of websites on the internet and a user comes across numerous websites daily which he can choose to read or just skip. Building a quality website doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on the design but also includes various other components which if rightly mixed can produce a quality website with better chances of visitors.

When you hire a professional for creating your website, you must ensure these points:

  • A good content: The amount of necessary content must be included and should satisfy the purpose of the website.
  • No technical errors: A high-quality website must be frequently updated with logical data and the images and other contents inside it must function accordingly without any lag.
  • The website should have a high level of expertise: The content and information must be meaningful and an expert view of the dedicated genre. If your website provides irrelevant information, they may not have regular visitors.
  • Well organized and functional: The website must be well organized and have a functional layout and its concept must be utterly clear.
  • No spelling and grammar: A website with spelling and grammar mistakes may feature in the web search but may not be termed as a quality website as it doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a standard website.

These key points are the most effective way of creating a cost-effective but quality website.

Why is there a need for a User-Friendly website?

A good web design is a vital tool in creating websites as customers must have ample reasons to stay on the website and the first impression is definitely created by its web design. The websites have undergone a huge change and they are now required to be simple and provide a user-friendly experience.

A complicated website is not a big issue for expert internet users who are familiar to using such interfaces but the percentage of these kinds of users are very low and the higher portion of the new digital age are still not familiar to the complexity of the internet.

Therefore a user-friendly website, which is easy to navigate and easy to use is deemed to have more visitors and conversions than those who are very difficult to use. User satisfaction must be the prime aim which must be focused on building a website.

Let us look at some key points which make a website user-friendly:

1. Easier to Navigate:

A website must be easy to understand with each page having a suitable name. The navigation inside the website must be easy to operate and simple. The user must understand the categories well and should be able to see the desired content without having any difficulty in its understanding.

2. Easier to read and understand:

The color of the text should not interfere with the background color making it difficult for the user to read the information. The use of words should also be kept as simple as possible for a user-friendly experience.

3. Mobile friendly:

The new age of internet users mostly browse the websites on their mobile phones. So the new websites must be optimized in a way that the website can be viewed on the mobile without much problem. A mobile-friendly site is the need of the hour and important for a user-friendly experience.

4. Must load quickly without a lag:

When you have a visitor on your website, he would expect the homepage to load in seconds as a user may not wait too long for your website to load. So avoiding videos on the web page may allow your site to load within seconds and create a wonderful user experience.

5. The scheme of coloring:

The use of colors also affects the visibility of the text so clear and proper use of colors is a must. The use of proper colors play a vital role in an user experience and so the colors must be chosen accordingly. The following pages should not be of a completely different color as it may not create a positive influence on the user.


The idea of website encircles around a user and the things you want them to know about your product or services. It is built for the user, so it must also be user-friendly and optimized according to the target audience so that your points are easily understood by the internet users across the globe. It certainly creates an edge over other competitors.

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