Use of Meta description in SEO and how to use them for better CTR?

Use of Meta description in SEO and how to use them for better CTR?


Old school of thought would still tell you that meta description has a contribution towards SEO and rankings. But to be honest following the article: the meta description wont help you in SEO or rankings, but often appear as the text snippet below the listing. People often take it otherwise that it does help in ranking.

So then what is the purpose of Meta Description:

Using meta description wisely would help you to have better click through rate (CTR) and even if you do not rank higher say at 1 or 2 positions, still you can get a high rate of clicks from the total visits. In short, it is of less SEO and more of click rate improvement tool.

What to add in meta description:

You can include trust checklist, clientele, years of business etc:

  1. Big client names
  2. Years in business
  3. Certifications, associations
  4. Business USPs
  5. Team member strength
  6. Phone numbers
  7. Email

In short, you should add something that would catch the eyes and visitors could stop over to check the page. We know, visitors scan the rankings instead of reading the whole lines. So some eye catchers are great tool for the description.

We at Cyber Help India do practice this to improve the user experience for all of our clients so they could get more clicks and conversions. Once we see the improvement of clicks, we ask the client to go for CRO and we help them in that.

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