Updated Your WhatsApp Now Have Features Like Call Back, Voicemail and ZIP File Sharing support

Updated Your WhatsApp Now Have Features Like Call Back, Voicemail and ZIP File Sharing support


Facebook in hand WhatsApp has introduced plentyof latestoptions to its service over the past few months. Now, the corporate is rumoured to once {more} add a number of more optionswithin thecoming back weeks.

According to a report by PhoneRadar, WhatsApp for iOS and robotcancurrently get a “Call Back” which will show notifications for a incomprehensible decision with a decision back button. With this new addition, a user are going to beable to dial back, while notgap WhatsApp.

In alternativeoptions, WhatsApp also will introduce voicemail options for iOS devices. New “Record Voice Mail” and “Send Voice Mail” buttons cancurrentlyenable users to send a voice mail throughout a decision itself. One may also expect the voicemail to record and share in-call audio similarly.

Along with these additions. WhatsApp can possibly bring ZIP sharing with the future update, with that users will compress the particular file, which can successively facilitate in decreasing information usage in addition. At the instant, WhatsApp solely extends support for formats like PDF, VCF, DOCX and DOCS. The anticipated video line of work, that has been within the rumour mill for a jiffy, might finally show up with successive update in addition.

WhatsApp conjointly introduced end-to-end cryptography for all its services this month. this implies that each one user calls, texts, video, pictures and alternative files sent will solely be viewed by the supposed recipient, and no one, not even WhatsApp itself, will access this information. This guarantee of user privacy creates new considerations for the govt.. WhatsApp can currently notice it not possible to fits government requests for information, since WhatsApp itself won’t have the secret writing key.

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