Understanding Dynamic (Flexible) and Static (Constant) sites in India

Understanding Dynamic (Flexible) and Static (Constant) sites in India


Designing a website is a common phenomenon these days for any business, company, schools, colleges, food store, restaurants, hotels etc. But web sites can be designed in two different ways, static and dynamic.

In this article we will give you a detailed knowledge about both constant and changing websites.

Letís begin

Understanding Dynamic (Flexible design) Website

Constant websites are written in simple HTML. It offers flexibility. Each page can be differently designed according to the layout of the content. Moreover the designer is free to go by his clientís request to inculcate some special effect. Last but not the least different pages can have different theme if the client wishes it.

The company that do web design in India will do it in a very minimum price. But remember always choose a company that is responsive in doing web design in India.

Understanding Static (Fixed design) Websites

A dynamic website is the one which use ASP, PHP, Coldfusion or JSP. The webpage content can be changed easily while it is already performing on the clientís browser. While it is connected to the database, it means it is easier to prepare a content management system. It is actually an interface that helps the client to put in as well as manage the data through web-based layers of administrative page.

The cost varies in different web designing agency in India.

The difference between Constant and Flexible web pages:

Constant Web page Flexible Web page
Up gradation is difficult. Up gradation is easier.
Runtime change of content and website design. Fixed website content as well theme.
Loading is quicker. Loading is slower.
It runs directly on the browser.  It runs on server and displayed on webpage.
Easy to develop. Not so easy to develop.
Changes in the page content are a difficult procedure. Changes in the page content are easier.

So, here I have given a complete explanation of what is the difference between a static and dynamic website in India.


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