Essential Elements Of Website UI Design

Essential Elements Of Website UI Design


Before going on board with any UI design project, it is important to discuss the concept of,

- content
- context
- audience

Realizing the goals, constraints, audience etc will help contour the design perfectly. Prior to designing these solutions, there exist some key elements that one should keep track of.

Table of contents:
1. Language
2. Colour
3. Imagery
4. Typography
5. Icons
6. Cyber Help India


Word as branding

Choosing the name of your brand is very important. The very name is enough to set the mood at the entry-level of your brand's experience.

Word as tone or attitude

Depending on the subject of the brand, one has to decide the tone of the content. Tones vary from strict friendly scientific entertaining etc.


Colour is equally important while designing the UI. It sets the mood of the user as humans tend to respond emotionally to colour.

Colour as mood

Different mood can be represented by different colours. Black and white represent a very serious mood. The mood of the page can be changed by adding a few colours. You must know what colour represents which mood.

Colour as navigation

Colour can be used prominently as navigation in your interface. Colour of navigation keys show states like active, inactive, activate etc.


Images come in various styles: shapes, illustrations, photography, 3D renderings, e.t.c. They serve as content, mood, and navigation in the context of a UI design.

Imagery as content

Imagery can serve as content in 2 ways,
Contained imagery: exists in the form of grids,
Immersive imagery: exists as a design element in itself.

Imagery as mood

Imagery can help set the mood or ambience that the audience can relate to.

Imagery as navigation

This is very common in the e-commerce space. It also has huge convenience in geospatial sectors.


Type can work in various ways in the context of an app or a website.

Typography as content

Content consumption can be in form of text, videos, and audios. But the text is a better option in some areas than these other forms.

Typography as interface

The text needs to have a visual form and a typographic representation. So, it becomes a design problem. Semantically, type is less vague when trying to portray some representations.

Typography as branding

The plan is to have a typographic visual brand that helps your product stand out.


Icons vs Symbol

Icons are pictorial, symbols are non-pictorial. An icon shows a visual depiction of a thing that is relatively practical compared to what the thing is. But a symbol doesn't essentially look like the thing that it represents.

Icons as interface

Icons act as interface elements by representing certain actions. For e.g. a magnifying glass icon is used to represent zoom in and zoom out.

Icons as branding

Icons act as instant representatives of a product, brand or company.

Cyber Help India

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Here in this article, we have seen how components like language, colour, imagery, typography, and icons work in the context of a UI design.

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