Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism Industry

Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism Industry


The Industry of Tourism

It is an amazing fact that a normal user on a daily basis looks his phone about 150 times a day and spends atleast 3 hours on it. Websites are informative and converts sales but there still arises a need to come up with a better mobile strategy to compete in a fierce travel industry.

The Travel apps are becoming the necessity of the new generation as the networks are wireless and the bookings have become trouble less. The industry of travel is always on the rise and so is the competition. It has been calculated that around 80 % of travelers make their bookings through travel apps due to the ease of use. The new generation does not want to depend on anyone to plan their trip and this is where Travel apps serve their purpose best.


A Travel website is informative; Travel app makes it easier

With the rise of mobile usage the websites too have become mobile friendly and can be browsed without ease but people prefer mobile apps as they are not just getting the information but are also being able to complete their bookings from a single platform.

Let us look at why mobile apps have been replacing the trend for travel websites:

  • Travel Dedicated: When you are searching for any destination and want to plan accordingly, finding it all in a dedicated app makes the experience smooth.
  • More Features: Mobile apps have allowed the use of the phones features like GPS and camera to enhance the trip booking process amazingly.
  • Offline Use: Some travel apps can be used offline and used to plan a trip that you might complete a few days back. Easier access to easy planning is possible.
  • Pretty faster: A website on the desktop or mobile deems to take time but a Travel app is very less time consuming and its ease of use is commendable.
  • Mobile Compatible: Though the next age Travel websites are pretty advanced in terms of design its mobile compatibility can still be an issue which affects the experience adversely.


The need for technology along with some facts

Mobile phones have put the whole world at the finger tips of users and travel info has become accessible anytime and anywhere. Travelers have been using their smartphones for booking hotel rooms, browsing rooms, availability, ticket bookings and travel planning. This is why Mobile Apps have almost taken over the Travel and Tourism industry, bringing users multiple benefits through one platform.

Significant uses of Travel apps and engagement rates:

  • 85% of users use travel apps to plan their travel and tours
  • 30% of users use mobile apps to find the best hotel and flight deals
  • 15% of users download travel apps to plan a trip ahead
  • 49% of users use map during their travel
  • 62% of users use apps for restaurants during travel
  • 46% of users search hotels through apps
  • 36% of users search for shopping destinations through apps

“Travel & Tourism apps rank 7th in the most downloaded category of apps”

How does Travel Apps Enhance Travel & Tourism Business?

1. Makes the process automated:

The apps allow the users to look for what they want and can look up to it easily without talking to any representative and can view the best prices without much trouble. The process becomes hugely automatic. When information’s are easily available, the conversion rates also increase as the automated process is also time saving.

2. Collaboration:

Travel technology is made up of many aspects like transportation, hotels, tours and other aspects which is made possible in the same platform through a dedicated app. The collaboration of every small aspect makes experience effortless plus makes a good platform for various fields to come under one roof, which is much suited for travelers.

3. Security:

The payment and ease of payment options are well protected and the gateway is secured. A travel app makes sur that the drawbacks of online travel browsing are changed for good and also makes the booking process easier and safer. The Travel App makes the process secure for both clients as well as business owners.

2. Excellent Management:

Technology advancements of an app makes a travel and tourism businesses more capable of managing and handling of all content within them, much easily. Keeping track of numbers or records of various entities also becomes very effectively manageable.

3. One Stop Solution:

Anything and everything can be handled and provided by a single Travel App or platform. So now a user doesn’t need to visit individual sites for a complete booking but has to download an app that does it all from ticket booking, hotel booking, car rentals, sightseeing, to travel insurance. It becomes a one stop solution for all.

The Travel industry does rely on smart apps:

As the number of Internet users are increasing, the pries of smartphones have lessened and bought a digital revolution. Everything is available at fingertips and apps are the platform that travelers hugely rely on. The travel business is fierce and dependence on websites only for highlight isn’t enough. Proper platform to ease the process of travel enquiry with an option to engage and book can only be done through apps, quite smoothly.

So, engage in Travel apps and stay ahead in this fierce Travel Industry.

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