Top 10 Instagram tips for business 2018

Top 10 Instagram tips for business 2018


Siliguri: 18th April 2018– Social media is a cost-effective method of brand awareness and a good digital marketing strategy which has gained a lot of popularity in recent time. The reason for its success lies in the ability to engage with a broad audience of random consumers. The internet services provided by social media are being used to share your content about your business and also receive valuable feedback from them in return.

Social media platform’s main aim was to help people from all over the world to connect with them. Instagram was started in 2010 and its main motive was to allow the customers to post photos and videos for everyone to see and react. The social giant is now owned by Facebook and after almost 8 years of existence, Instagram has cemented itself as a low budget visual marketing tool which is used hugely by new business for their promotion.

The success of social media lies in the fact that visual content drives engagement. The ancient practices of advertising without photos and videos are slowly losing their importance. Visual content has been very successful in grabbing a lot of customers through some unique visual content which on the mind of customers for a long time. The reason for the success of Instagram as a good marketing tool lies in the fact that we humans are visual beings. We tend to give more attention to a visual advertisement and it stays with us for quite some time. So when we go out to buy something the brand whose visual content was seen by me will be my top priority because its visual content is still stuck in my mind. People tend to remember what they see instead of the things they hear.

Instagram is a free app and broadcasting is really easy but before you go ahead to promote your business or products and services, there are few tips which would affect your brand awareness in a positive manner.


  • It must be noted that your Instagram post should be some business pictures followed by some fun moments in the business that you wish to share. This mixture is the right combination which will attract huge customer base and also read the story you wish to deliver your photos and videos.


  • You might have a great content but it must also be accompanied by huge followers who shall see the content you post. For this, it is important to track and increase your Instagram followers by posting about some either topic which has a huge number of customers following it. It is a process which may take time but once you have the followers, you cannot imagine the reach your business or brand is going to have.


  • Instagram has recently released a new embed feature for its desktop and web browser users. Your Instagram videos which involve a brand promotion or advertisement is now not just limited to Instagram itself. You can now embed the video on your personal blogs or websites to extend your content’s reach and increasing chances of converting the probable customers. It must be noted that you must embed your video on blogs and websites which are related to the theme of your business. The theme and the platform you choose to broadcast must not be two different aspects.


  • Big MNCs around the world who have already established their brand name can do without following back their followers but for small and developing companies, it is hugely advisable to follow back your favorite brands as well as followers who are your probable customers and your target audience. This helps in maintaining a strategic relationship between the company and its customers. Besides, you can also see posts from the brands you admire to know what they are up to and to be updated and well informed about competitors actions and their strategies.


  • Brand image is an important factor which is the customers feeling about your brand, product or services. The branding is hugely affected by the kind of pictures and videos you decide to put. Posting every time about your company and its offers could make your followers lose interest in your profile so to keep the followers stable and increasing, you must mix your business posts with something that is relevant to your brand.


  • You can sometimes interact or challenge your customers into photo contests which bring about an excitement when the challenge is mixed with gifts to winners of the contest. Use of Hashtags here is very important and you can always use your facebook to redirect your customers to Instagram by informing them about your Instagram posts whose sole aim is to create a huge customer base.


  • You must have seen a lot of Instagram posts where the caption section contains some words which are mixed with hashtags. You must know that the Hashtag is a means to reach out to a wider audience. The hashtags can be related to a campaign or anything in general. It is a must that your hashtags must contain some relevance to your post. Using #sign followed by your company name shall make it easier for your customers to find content which is related to you or your account.


  • While you use Instagram to reach out to your customers, you have to very careful about maintaining a certain level of excitement in your posts. For this, it is very important to plan how often are you going to post and when to post. You can post regularly but you must make sure that you are not bombarding your followers with too many posts, that is sure to affect your page and your fan following. For best results, your initial Instagram posts can be uploaded at the different time of the day or different days of the week to analyze the traffic of customers and schedule your posts accordingly.


  • A caption was introduced to put some personal touch to the photos and videos you choose to post. A photo updated without a caption would be incomplete but a caption will explain the motive behind your post and the emotions you wish to deliver through Instagram. Instagram is mostly about creating interesting visual content that quickly grabs the attention of its followers. Each photo you choose to put must be accompanied by a caption that goes well with the photo. The caption is the part where you can project the photo with a story. A story behind the picture which you think must be told to your customers to strengthen your business relationship with our audience.


  • Uploading creative and unique photos and videos can result in your profile being viewed by thousands of viewers on a global scale. They have a lot of followers who keep track of everything that they post on Instagram. The new method of a quick business highlight is by finding the right influencer to advertise your business. It has been a recent trend and its effects are seen to be very positive which has relatively increased its popularity. You can collaborate with an influencer to market your business or your product through their personal Instagram posts which are viewed by millions of followers the influencers usually have. This results in them promoting your business and in return, they can are paid some handsome amount.


Instagram is spot on as there are less written materials and more of visual contents. It surely is cost effective as well as reaches a wide range of probable customers. Social media advertisement is slowly overtaking the old techniques of promotion which proved costly too. We cannot assure if there will be some other app in future that might overtake the social media advertising but as an updated social animal and a businessman, you have to be ready to adapt to any new changes that the social media has to provide.

In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is going to fail is not taking risks.

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