Step-By-Step Methodology Followed By a Website Designing Company

Step-By-Step Methodology Followed By a Website Designing Company


In todayís world, a website is a basic requirement for any company or business enterprise to capture the market, whatever may be the size of the business. A website is a must need for making your business popular and recognizable within a large group of people. Some methodology followed by a website designing company to create your website‚Äôs impression good.

By putting the effective methodologies a website designer will make people aware of your company or business so that they will communicate with the services offered from your end. More and more visitors will get engage with your website and that directly improve your brand recognition.

While designing the website a designer must keep this thing in mind that an attracted visitor must understand the product, company principles and brand objectives with the various interactions implemented by a website design company through visuals, texts, and logical representation.

Methodology Followed By a Website Designing Company

Step 1: Indentifying the Category of Business  

To start with the initial stage a web design company must be clear about the requirement of the client. To identify the purpose is very important and essential, to begin with the website. Every business comes with different goals and comes under different categories as some aims to deliver information, some are dedicated to selling products, and some are planning to make a website for amusement. 

In the process of understanding the category, the company must communicate with the client in an effective way and implement tools like nature of the audience, creative descriptions, analyzing the competitors, and brand attributes.

Step 2: Scope Definition to find the type of website

Once you understand the category and goal set by the client, then the project needs to be started with the scope set for the designing. The process actually defines the scope of the project through pages and features that need to be published on the website. Basically there are two main types of websites, static and dynamic but that goes with the technical part. In simple words dynamic websites are more advanced and easy to handle for non-technical person.

There are different types of website that deliver different perspectives of engaging visitors into it.

  • E-Commerce:Website: Basically deals with selling of products.
  • Business Website: Highlight the product or services offered by the business.¬†
  • Entertainment Website: Anything related to entertainment industry like film and music.
  • Portfolio Website: Helps creative professionals and freelancers to highlight their skills and experiences.
  • Media Website: Deals with news stories and other reporting.
  • Nonprofit Website: Mostly used by NGOs to engage more people for donation and other nonprofit services.

 By knowing the requirement of the client along with the type of website they are looking for, a website designer will create the website by making it appealing and attractive.

Sitemap and Wire-frame Creation

Step 3: Sitemap and Wire-frame Creation

A sitemap is the basic sketch of the website that helps the designer to implement the creative ideas in a piece of paper using a pen or pencil. The sitemap is essential to portray the web design so that the things will be getting clear about the website. The rough structure can be modified by doing study over a competitor’s website as you must come out with the best result.

The next step is to design the Wireframe which is a guide to show how the sitemap will look on the screen. Wireframe bridges the gap of a sitemap by identifying the potential challenges. These details help the designer to turn virtual expectations into reality.

Step 4: Content Creation

The designer starts concentrating on the creation of the contents after dealing with the basics of designing part. The contents are really important for any website as they directly communicate with the visitors through reading and sharing information. Any description or blogs you watch on the website are actually the results of content creation.

The quality of the content will bring the brand image and one must think about the length of it as the visitors will get bored by reading too long contents that appear on the website. You can keep the paragraphs smaller to make it attractive for the readers.

The next best thing is SEO thatís deal about increasing the ranking of the contents on the search engine as it is better known as search engine optimization. While creating the contents, a website design company put the relevant keywords according to the key searches done people on the search engine. Using the right keyword will help your content be easily picked up by the search engine which in turn brings out your website on the top searches.

Step 5: Visual Elements

Just think of a lady before make-up and after make-up, you must like to see her with make-up. Yes, the same principle also applicable here while working over the visual elements. The visual description through creative logos, images with text and graphical presentation will catch the attention of the visitors in comparison to those old days’ websites.

The method of placing the image is changed in today’s world because people are getting habituated with common designing and displays. Creativity is a must while you are putting the visual elements over your website. This part adds life to the entire designing and needs to consider as the most important methodology followed by a website design company to build trust among people. 

Step 6: Testing

The designing part is almost over. Yes, almost over because you need to test the website before delivering it to the client. Open the website in different browsers and devices to make sure that the website will work effectively in the final stage. Finding errors is common because of simple and silly coding mistakes or broken links. So, testing is essential to complete the project as per the need and requirement of the business. Fixing the errors will take you to the final stage.

Step 7: Launch

Finally, you are going to launch the website after testing and evaluation. Expectations are high from every side but sadly this not yet the final stage. Be cool and nothing to worry about because website designing is an on-going process and you need to give your efforts through regular maintenance and fixing some other issues. Consult with your client and make him happy with the website you have designed. If they need some changes then note it down and apply accordingly.


The methodology followed by a website design company brings the importance of the website along with the different stages that bring the final result putting the skills and advanced knowledge about designing a website. 

The methodology followed by a website design company brings the importance of the website along with the different stages that bring the final result putting the skills and advanced knowledge about designing a website.

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