SEO Plan What and How?

SEO Plan: What and How?


First Month:

SEO Set Up:

  1. Defining business USPs
  2. Coming up with sample keywords understanding the target market, target audience, and business objectives
  3. Detail keyword research and defining the focus set of keywords for the first 3 months – say working on 5 keyword groups with 5 keywords in each group. So in total the target keywords will be 25
  4. Defining target page for each keyword group
  5. Meta details for the target pages
  6. Content plan
  7. Blog plan

SEO Technical Set Up: Checking and Fixing All the Points Below

  1. Checking responsiveness
  2. HTTPS
  3. Canonical
  4. Different website versions
  5. Page load speed
  6. Thank you page and other tracking
  7. Analytics and webmaster set up
  8. Search box tracking, not provided keywords tracking
  9. Cache and index
  10. Flash content
  11. Blog installation
  12. Target social media set up with creative

Next 2 Months:

  1. Adding website content
  2. Adding keyword guided blog post content
  3. Interlinking
  4. Local SEO – if applicable
  5. Basic promotion via business listings, citations and niche platforms
  6. Engage audience in social media with targeted pages
  7. Share blog content in social platforms

Review After 3/4 Months:

  1. Ranking position of the targeted keywords
  2. What to be done for the keywords not ranked well – links, content, bounce rate, traffic all the signals need to be incorporated
  3. Opportunistic keywords analysis and checking the search market
  4. Plan for those keywords along with other keywords
  5. Page creation, content plan and promotion

In this way, the SEO activities move forward taking certain keywords set at a time. We need to keep in mind that a proper content and content marketing plan is required to generate some high quality brand name mentions. If someone is ready to spend in offline mode, it would be great to influence the SEO in online space.

Whatever content plan you are making, please keep in mind that the content should be shareable by the audience. You define, where my target audience is and then accordingly you make a content plan suitable for the audience in right format with some CTA. For any requirement of SEO plan for your business you may call us at: +91-9233556555

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