SEO for Market Places and Related Sales Approach

SEO for Market Places and Related Sales Approach


E-commerce is on the rise in India and we see many platforms with unique selling propositions are there to help the sellers. We understand that creating an e-commerce website and then again doing the digital marketing investment is huge. So millions of sellers are actually exploring the e-commerce platforms in India like Amazon, Ebay, flipkart, snapdeal, big basket, grofers and more.

Each of the platforms having their own business model to attract right audience and sellers from all over India enlisting their businesses to sell products without having their own website sometimes.

Now, each of the platforms having unique search algorithm (mainly based on keywords) and sellers follow the rule to rank better in particular platform for better sales/acquisition rate.

Example How E-commerce Platforms Work:

Big Basket:

  1. Content and keywords – body content could be increased with about
  2. Ingredients, how to use, benefits and other related sections
  3. Title, keywords, and description is the main areas to play with
  4. Save or offer could have little influence on rankings
  5. Featured product is one option which appears before the organic rankings


  1. CTR or Click Through Rates
  2. Conversion Rate
  3. Reviews
  4. Keyword Optimized Product Title
  5. Brand Name
  6. Bullet Points (Features)
  7. Description
  8. Discounts and Pricing
  9. Images alt tags etc.

So we see different marketplace platforms have different ranking algorithms. We suggest, first define the platforms you want to go with and then make a note how things work there and do the listings accordingly. In this regard, keep one thing in mind that some platforms have their own dashboard and some accept product excel sheet. So you need to be very careful while you fill up all the details. Your content, product features and keywords gonna determine the rankings within a specific marketplace.

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