White Hat vs Black Hat vs Gray Hat SEO

White Hat vs Black Hat vs Gray Hat SEO


The essence of top-ranking will always be the main aim of search engine optimization (SEO). The basic elements of SEO cover up every small thing when it comes to digital marketing. If your site isn’t getting the ranking that it deserves then, it’s time to get back to the basics. SEO is a basic and simple strategy but still the most extreme and effective strategy for ranking improvement. It is the step taken by most business companies of Kolkata to deal with the algorithm changes. The SEO company in Kolkata always maintains its function and run a successful SEO campaign. Many SEO practices are run out for better result and the three core ones are white, black and grey hat SEO practices.

Distinction of three prominent SEO practices 

If you are already making the judgements of the SEO marketing then you may know about white, black and grey hat SEO practices. Well, if you don’t or you’re new with SEO then the introduction of three practices might give you a difference idea.

White Hat SEO

The white hat SEO is the practice that helps in improving the search performance on the search engine results page. This SEO practice is done by sticking well with the policies of the search engine. Writing the relevant contents with keywords, link building and backlinking are the main examples of white hat tactics. The SEO contents of this practice are based on organic ranking and audience engagement.


Black Hat SEO

This is the tactics that focus on increasing the page ranking in the search engine results page. The black hat SEO performs its quality function by going against the service terms of search engine. If the black hat SEO is executed properly with an exquisite plan then, it will perform as the best SEO tactics. Both stuffing of keyword at right lines and using other variations in page content is done under black hat SEO practice.

Grey Hat SEO

The grey hat SEO is basically the technique that falls between white hat and black hat SEO practice. The major tactic behind the use of grey hat SEO is to technically follow the legal methods for improving site rankings. When it is being used there will not be the risk of anything because all the functions run legally. But the grey hat SEO can also become black hat at some time.

Most of the SEO company in Kolkata ask all the users to get an idea of the SEO practice. The white, black and grey hat practices are all the major components of SEO which has some major differences.

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