SEO in 2017-18 Key Take ways

SEO in 2017-18: Key Take ways


In our last blog ( we have vividly described the negative SEO and the way forward in coming years. But as things are evolving very fast, we as a team did little RnD as how we can contribute to the SEO and digital advertising industry and we came up with certain thoughts which could give a breakthrough to the ongoing traditional SEO activities.

While we do the SEO, the following 3 step actions could be taken to improve the ranking, user experience and finally the conversion rate.

1. Keywords and Content:

We know these are the 2 main pillars of SEO and while we assign keywords to pages, we also suggest the content, meta details and other technical checks

2. CRO and UX:

For the same page keep suggesting CRO improvement points, the UX part, sometimes the UI if possible

3. Product or Service Improvement Suggestions:

Do a little study on competition, industry, the trends etc and suggest product improvement tips/thoughts to your clients. Innovation is the key driver of modern day business. Also, it is the greatest disruptor of so-called tradition marketing methods

4. Growth Hack:

Go dig dipper to the business, the process, clients, partners etc and see if organically it is possible to hack the growth using other people network or the tribe. Try to work on one or two things to drive huge traffic to your business.

All the above points could be the directional points for new SEO and we hope this will work for the next few years.

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