Secret Tips to Gain More Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel

Secret Tips to Gain More Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel


YouTube has proved to be a great platform for gaining quick popularity and also provides lucrative earnings once your videos start to get many views. Many celebrities have taken use of YouTube to gain popularity and there are few popular YouTube channels that are followed by millions of subscribers, which put them in a good position to create huge profits by just regularly posting their unique and eye catching content on YouTube.

YouTube Subscribers

A subscriber is a viewer who has subscribed to your YouTube channel so that they can be regularly updated about any new uploads. It requires strategic planning to make a viewer engage in subscribing to your channel but as many subscribers reflect a channel being socially popular and highlights your presence to help you stand out among others.

Best YouTube promoted Brands 2018

Branding through YouTube has been a very effective exercise as viewers can now see moving demo videos of any brand and the product that they might be interested in. Many brands have stressed hugely on YouTube branding as it has turned out to be one of the most relatable sources with a huge impact on consumer behavior patterns. Let us look at the top brandings by Global brands that have been successful in YouTube branding.

Go Pro

Released in the year 2002, the founder of Go Pro, Nick Woodman had a vision of creating a Brand that gives adventure a new twist by being able to record the experience on these Go Pro cameras which could be used for any sports and when it comes to filming yourself skiing or skateboarding or base jumping or driving race cars.

GoPro has successfully created a huge video branding through YouTube and has also succeeded in creating huge sales through the use of videos. The camera brand has asked its users to create video content which reflected various adventure stories and those videos were used perfectly by GoPro to create great adventures which were very much interesting and eye catching. The new GoPro Hero series has had tremendous sales globally and the sharing of GoPro videos directly through GoPro app created a huge stir on video platforms which have caused it to become a successful brand of 2018.

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation has been selling millions of video gaming consoles worldwide and one good strategy is their YouTube Branding which gives users a real-life experience of gaming on a PlayStation. Founded in the year 1994, PlayStation has really changed the gaming experience and has been ahead of other gaming brands through its unique video branding through platforms like youtube.

Be it their new Game Trailers or the new Launch news, Playstation has been successful in creating wonderful videos over the YouTube. Every new game and its fun and excitement are projected by Playstation on the YouTube and gamers are certainly drawn towards the excitement of gaming and Sony Playstation doubles its sales revenue every single year.

Ways to boost subscribers for your YouTube Channel

There is really no shortcut to success and that is something a You Tuber must understand. You Tubers have all struggled for many years and tried various techniques and strategies to reach the number of subscribers they now have. So, let us look at a few strategies that may help you increase your subscribers positively:

1. Create a trailer to keep it interesting

Creating excitement is a good way to gain subscribers. A good content can be watched by any viewer whether they are subscribed or not. An interesting trailer of the next project may be shown to the unsubscribed viewers to quickly show them the excitement that your channel is yet to provide which in turn may result in the viewer subscribing to your channel to keep themselves updated.

2. The right way of influencing subscribers

The method of using your pitch to communicate with your probable subscribers is very important. You can always implement new ideas or communicate through your Intro. Almost every You Tuber uses the same line “If you like my video, press on the subscribe button” which has been overused now and may not create an impact that it did. Informing your genre and future projects is an effective way of creating subscribers without asking them to hit the subscribe button.

3. Developing an engaging theme for video thumbnails

Channels earn subscribers when their content is very interesting and of high value. A video may or may not be watched till the end but using an engaging Thumbnail is a really powerful way of enticing people to click on a video. You can say that a thumbnail is more important than the titles of the videos too, so creating custom interesting thumbnails are an important part of inviting people to watch your videos.

4. Collaboration with other You Tubers

Some You Tubers are really popular or their videos are of great interest to many subscribers which makes them a great influencer. Sometimes, collaborating or creating a video along with some popular You Tubers by asking him to feature in one of your videos is a great way of creating some great content which is sure to interest people. The cross-promotion has become very popular and these way individual followers get to meet the guest influencer which is certainly going to benefit both and may also result in better highlight and ultimately more subscribers.

5. Create content on the trending Hype

Sometimes it is not always profitable to create unique content each time which is doubtful of the audience’s interest. It is a risky effort and investment of time. While you are on the verge of increasing your subscribers, provide contents that have already been creating much fuss and are a hot topic that the viewers are ready to be informed about.

YouTube and its endless possibilities:

YouTube is already the second largest search engine after Google. The number of active users amounts to around 1 billion each month and each day about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube across the globe. The numbers are amazing and also tell us why YouTube is so popular and why people want more and more subscribers each day. A large number of users have made YouTube a great earning and marketing platform after Facebook.

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