Role of online reviews in boosting the Local SEO

Role of online reviews in boosting the Local SEO


Local SEO not only allows you to stand out in local search results but also to be found in local directories and by probable customers using mobile phones. After you are found by customers it is your reputation that matters which is hugely dependent on the online reviews that your business has earned.

What are the benefits of Local SEO?

Local SEO involves optimization of the website to ensure high-ranking positions in local search inquiries. A business today needs to do everything right and also have an edge over other local competitors. Local SEO strategy provides similar platform for all Local competitors. Let us see some of the benefits it assures:

  • An effective web presence in the local
  • Better search engine rankings.
  • Influences the visitors to your website.
  • Creates massive website traffic.
  • More calls and enquiry from potential customers.
  • Better highlight and increase in sales

Reviews one of top 7 factors determining local search rankings

Online reviews play a huge role in determining organic local search engines. Amazingly, reviews make up around 7 percent of the variety of factors affecting listings on organic results. It makes online reviews one of 7 influencing factors that determine organic local search and is placed ahead of social signals. Google announced recently: Review count and score are factored into local search ranking. More reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a businesss local ranking. This pretty much explains it all.

How does an online review impact the Local SEO?

So, now it is very important to maintain a good review in the eyes of your clients, followers and the probable customers as they decide youre rankings in the online market. Let us discuss how the reviews actually affect the local SEO:

Google now also searches highly rated sites

Google search is integrated with map search which also displays the ratings and reviews of business listings which allow customers make quick results. Google also favors sites having the highest reviews and ratings among others.

  • Gets content directly from users

Customers rely on other customers feedback rather than reading what the manufacturers have to say about it. Online reviews are very effective and an influential factor affecting customer decisions.

  • Boosts social conversation

Reviews create an impression that makes products popular which ultimately affects its social reach and increases sales. Adding reviews to social strategy is also a benefitting step which could help its admiration & sales.

  • Receive star ratings

Google relies on third party reviewing websites before providing any site with a star rating. The stars are determined by the reviews present which provides quick judgment on whether the product can be trusted or not.

  • Improve product ranking

The reviews are the closest experience to buying something and customers searching for product reviews may actually increase the chances of being seen in search engines, more frequently.

Some surprising facts on Online Reviews

  • The top 3 listings on local search have about 470 % more reviews than the rest of the listings after that.
  • The Google reviews must also be handled well as higher Google reviews assure better results and top listing positions.
  • Around 63% of Googles 3 local listings have made the cut off in accordance with the number of reviews they had acquired.
  • Despite unclear ranking guidelines, the top 3 Google listings have been seen to have an average of around 7.6 reviews which hugely outnumbered the 1.6 average of the listings from the 4-6 position.

Online reviews: The essence of SEO strategy

We have discussed every aspect of online reviews and the kind of impact it has on the SEO. Its role in a successful SEO strategy cannot be overlooked. So, if you have a business in Siliguri itself that needs planning and digital highlight, you could hire an expert SEO service Siliguri which also takes care of the reviews that may be hard to collect if you are just a startup. So, do not wait much longer for a miracle, hire a reputed SEO company in Siliguri that not only boosts your Local SEO but also gets you more reviews for your business listing.

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