The Market is Buzzing about Reliance JioFi-What You Need to Know?

The Market is Buzzing about Reliance JioFi –What You Need to Know?


You’ve possibly heard a buzz about Reliance Jio these days, haven’t you? Well, now you must know is registering in this network is worthy or not. Getting a free Jio SIM with the Jio sneak peak offer brings chance for unlimited utilisation of the network, and other various services including music, news and video on demand.

Although calling is much cheaper in India, usage of mobile data costs high for a consumer. For example, a pack of 1 GB 3G mobile data from most of the giant service providers can cost from Rs 200 to Rs 250 in West Bengal. Hence, the mass people of India are looking towards Jio with hope to get access to free, faster and endless data. But we are still unknown about what their data package prices are going to be as Jio’s commercial isn’t launched still now, which, according to some sources, is to be out in December.

Meanwhile, if you have a Jio SIM, you’re guaranteed with free, unlimited use of voice, apps, 4G data and other Jio services from September 5 to December 31, no national roaming and voice calling charge. The speed (peak download speed of upto 135 MBPS), which is much faster, can vary on the number of users as there are very few people using the network right now, and without any FUP (Fair Usage Policy). Where in other networks, consumption of 10 GB data is ridiculous, people are using that amount of data from Jio network in a single day. But the issue with the utilisation is coming forth when people are turning on the Wi-Fi hotspot from their phones after buying a Jio SIM. This act is limiting the usefulness along with draining the battery. This is when the JioFi comes to action.

“What is JioFi” –many of you must have this question in mind right now. The Reliance JioFi is a pocket sized, small gadget that works like a personal hotspot. What JioFi does is it connects the 4G network to local Wi-Fi network, created by it. Now your phone, computer, tabs etc can connect to it. This is the one gadget that could bring your entire house online in a very less price. With the rechargeable battery that comes with it, the device can be plugged anywhere to be charged and you can carry your Wi-Fi connection with you whenever and wherever you need.

Don’t have a 4G supportive mobile? Doesn’t matter, because an app called Jio Join allows using Reliance Jio network through JioFi. What makes it more interesting is that you can make calls or send SMS through the JioFi, utilising the app on your mobile. The Jio SIM that comes with the gadget can be used to link with the network after activation. SIM of other operators can be used too in this device, but with payment for the usage.

Want to buy a Reliance JioFi Connection? It’s very simple. Take a passport size photo and a proof of address and ID, or one for each to the nearest Reliance Digital Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store. After filling up the form, you will be given a Jio SIM. Once the number is activated, televerification is needed by calling 180089011977. This whole process of SIM activation is printed on the packages clearly. Although you’ll be informed by the executive about the SIM activation time to be four hours, it can take a whole day too.

What are the actual pricing and tariff plans for JioFi? Well, the company has not made any statement on that but the estimated price, as of now, is Rs 2899. For now, you are getting almost four months of totally free connection. The announced price rate of 4G/LTE will be Rs 50 per GB, which is 1/10th of other providers and far less costly than paying for a broadband connection for such a service. And remember, there is no FUP limit with Reliance Jio.

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