Reasons Why Anchor Text is Important from the Perspective of SEO

Reasons Why Anchor Text is Important from the Perspective of SEO




There are lots of ranking factors that are utilised by search engines to decide the rank of your website. Anchor text is one of those vital ranking factors that direct huge traffic to your website, and thus it is very much essential and effective from SEO perspective.

Anchor Text! What is it?

In a text content of a website, there might be one or more words or phrases which look different from others –may be they are bold, underlined, or highlighted with different text colour or background colour etc. These words or characters are clickable and pointing the cursor on them shows a hyperlink often. If you click on those texts, you are redirected to another webpage or website. These are anchor texts, which might contain single word, a phrase of words, combination of words and special characters etc.

Undoubtedly, there are several benefits of anchor texts which directly prove to be beneficiary to your business. These benefits are the reasons that you must use anchor texts in the webpage, contents, blogs etc in your website; it helps in the SEO strategy for a faster growth in ranking in various search engines.

  • Readers find it helpful for smooth navigation among different pages inside one website, or they can be led to related article of another website through anchor words or phrases.
  • These texts help the search engines to directly visit one page from another. Using a good proportion of anchor keywords, in every page, guide search engine bots to know about your pages. So, all the pages of your website should be targeted besides the home page, when you are getting the links back.
  • Anchor texts in a source page are linked with other target pages for promotion. Search engine puts an effort to evaluate the concept of target page and the authentication of the relevance of contents of those two pages by the description of the anchor words. If the backlinks and queried keywords get closer and stronger, both target and source pages achieve better ranking.

If you want to get benefited to the fullest by using this trick in SEO, you must know how to create and optimise natural anchor texts.

  • If you are following SEO strategy to for the online marketing of your business website, the pages in that website must be created and optimised with certain target keywords. Ensure that these keywords completely or partially different from the anchor texts. Google might be harsh on you seeing the exactly matched keywords, which do not look natural.
  • One thing that should never be forgotten is that the links should be relevant. This is very important and meaningful to stay on the right side of Google rulebook. Pages with relevant keywords automatically go for higher ranking, gradually, while overdoing the links can be bad, very bad.
  • Use partial match anchors, no-anchors, branded anchors, generic anchors, LSI anchors, naked anchors and image anchors – carefully and wisely. Even if you are using keywords that match exactly, look out for the acceptable proportion, which is generally 5%, while it is 30% for partially matched keywords.

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