Presentations 2018 Teamwork Consistency and Customer relationship as a tool for success

Presentations 2018 – Teamwork, Consistency and Customer relationship as a tool for success


Siliguri: 13th April 2018Cyber Help India has always been a step ahead of all other I.T companies in the region. It is only due to the consistent and collective efforts of the whole Cyber Help India team that we are currently good ranking in Google among other I.T companies in the whole of North Bengal, due to our work ethics and our relationship with our customers which we have valued more than our monetary profits. We have always believed that for a company to excel in the long run, you cannot just focus on maximisation of profits with thinking about the preferences of customer satisfaction. The relationship must be maintained with the customers, from time to time and this is of utmost importance to us.

We always believe in innovation and work ethics that are the wheels that run any institution for a long time. Just a few days ago, we were informed about the presentation which was an initiate of our Co-founder Mrs Anita Ghosh (Biswas) who always brings a sense of excitement and constant innovation into our daily routine, which does improve us as an individual and also as a combined team. Ideas are meant to be shared and you shall never be inferior to anyone if you share your knowledge.

< Anita Ghosh

Our Co-founder of Cyber Help India, Mr.Gautam Ghosh, rightly started our evening presentation by sharing his theory and his perspective about ‘ideas’. He rightly stated that we all have new and innovative ideas which could help someone else or the country as a whole but if we keep it to yourself, your ideas shall die with you. He briefed us about the company and its vision when he started the company along with his co-founder. They have carried the company to where it is now through combined efforts of each employee that was once a part of our Cyber Help Team. He assured us that if the current team works with more determination and a little more dedication. If the same positivity & performance persists, we shall soon be an I.T giant with an impressive base of satisfied customers worldwide. He then pointed out the importance of every one of us in building the company and how teamwork can make your dream work.

Goutam Ghosh

Since most of us experienced a slight crunch in time to prepare our presentations, it was a test of speed & efficiency on how well we could pull off a tight schedule without compromising with the quality of what we were aiming to present in front of the public the following evening. Being the first interactive session, the team mostly introduced themselves by describing their respective specialization of work through a descriptive PowerPoint presentation.

The first to volunteer was our creative website developer, Mr Abhijit Sarkar who spoke his allotted 5 minutes about the challenges which he faces every day, as a website developer. He presented an example of the outline and standards that he has to follow while building a user-friendly website with the cooperation of his colleagues. They also shared the vision he wished to achieve as a team.

Mr Abhijit Sarkar

After him, the software developing team of Cyber Help India represented by Mr Subhro Talukdar took over. He has been with this company for quite some time and he produced a slide to explain the effectiveness of the software in today’s competitive world. He was part of a few popular projects which we would never know of if it wasn’t for this interactive session.

Mr Subhro Talukdar

The next person to speak was Mr Kunal Gharami, who specialises in Digital Marketing and SEO. He shared a slide through which he beautifully explained the need for Digital Marketing in today’s competitive world irrespective of the scale of the business. His vision was clear and his future plans were very innovative. He says that the new Google search will be dominated by voice searches and so he plans on adapting to different types of SEO focused on new search parameters.

The session was then followed by another website designer, Mr Priyabrata Raj who shared his views about different kinds of websites that our company focuses on. He also told us about the unique designs and templates which their team strictly follows for every single website they are assigned. They really put a lot of hard work into each website, unlike the regular website giants who provide the same kind of website layout which makes the company website no different from its market associates.

Priyabrata Raj

The next to continue with our interactive and presentation seminar were the graphic designers, Mr Washim Akram Baig and Mr Dipankar Sarkar whose works are really the icing on the cake when it comes to website creation. They belong to the graphics team who try hard to maintain the high quality of Graphic parameters. The graphics have always been given a top priority by our bosses since they believe a graphic is always the first element that holds the potential to inherently impress a customer. It holds the veto power to make or break our impression. They talked about the use of the new vibrant mixture of colours which easily catches the viewers’ attention and also about new live icons which have been trending but their use has not been so popular until now. Mr Gautam Ghosh and Mrs Anita Ghosh (Biswas) assured them that we shall soon be adapting to the newest designs and layouts as soon as possible to keep up the high graphics standards of our company.

Mr Washim Akram Baig and Mr Dipankar Sarkar

The session was carried forward by our content writer Ms Shradha Rai who shared her experience with us. She told us about the importance of the content that fills up the website and the blogs which is a strong tool to attract customers. She focused on new and innovative ideas that bought her fruitful results. Her presentation was convincing enough to prove that a good content is the backbone of any Digital Marketing tool that we use.


The evening was brought to an end by another vibrant content writer Mr Prabal Lama. He highlighted the importance of a good content to anchor a reader, who is a probable customer of the business, as mentioned by the earlier speaker, Ms.Shradha. He shared his views about how a good work environment brings out the best from within us and how the team can grow under a good company and maximise the performance individually and then as a team. He also expressed gratitude to the pillars of Cyber Help India, Mr Gautam Ghosh and Mrs Anita Ghosh (Biswas)who give us the freedom to grow and put in our ideas to our work and not just follow the same old path and blueprint which has been followed from ages. He lastly concluded by expressing his happiness for having been able to work under the terrific leadership of Mr Gautam Ghosh and Mrs Anita Ghosh (Biswas) who always have something new to teach to each one of us.


The presentation was brought to an end by Mrs Anita Ghosh (Biswas), who spoke to us about her happiness over the success of the evening event. She further went ahead to share her real motive behind arranging a presentation gig – to help us employees open up and develop our prowess of speech, expression & fluency. She is definitely the pillar of our good customer relationship which is effectively maintained by the company. She expressed her happiness over the surefooted success of Cyber Help India. Initially established and run by a two-team duo, the company has come a long way to build and support a much bigger and flourishing family in the present, with two offices under its wing.

We called it a day with more plans to host such interactive sessions on a weekly basis.

Until next time, we ended our evening session with a beautiful quote by Mr Henry Ford that recites –

“If everyone is moving forward together, then Success takes care of itself”

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