Facebook Ads or Google Ads Choose Wisely for Your Business

Facebook Ads or Google Ads : Choose Wisely for Your Business


Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads works like a driver for your business. It maximizes your reach towards the target audiences by making the perfect use of the advertising channels. Both the platforms work as the perfect form of pay-per-click advertising. These two models of online marketing are a massive part of the online marketing service.

You may think about separating the two forces to analyze which one will give the best result. In another way, it can also be regarded as Google vs. Facebook. But, there is another scenario as well despite the differences that two advertising channels have got. The condition is instead of thinking of Google versus Facebook, trying Google PLUS Facebook.

Table of Contents:-
1. What’s the difference between the two powerhouses of online advertisements?

2.Comparison factors of Facebook Ads and Google Ads
what comparison factors are most likely to be estimated?
2.1 Audience Size
2.2 Buyer Intent
2.3 Targeting Options
2.4 Ad Formats



What’s the difference between the two powerhouses of online advertisements?

The simple and the most realistic difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads is the “Paid” nature. Google ads go on with the formation and tactics of ‘paid search’ whereas Facebook Ads follows the patterns of “paid social”.


Both advertising platform operates on a PPC basis of online marketing service. In Google ads, the focus is on the target keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. But, Facebook ads focus on business-based interested things in the way online behaves. One will give you most probably the keyword-based advertisements. While the other one will give you the advertisement based on digital marketing strategies.

Comparison factors of Facebook Ads and Google Ads with best Online Marketing Service

What comparison factors are most likely to be estimated?

Audience Size

The daily active users in Google searches are better than that of Facebook. You should also know that a large amount of revenue with an immense audience on Facebook is the result of mobile advertising.

Buyer Intent

When it comes to buyer intent, Google Ads always takes over Facebook Ads. However, in many advertisement plans and campaigns, the nature of the business also plays a huge role in buyer intent. The conversions rate also creates a sense of comparison between the two.


Targeting Options

The targeting options are available for both the advertisement platforms as part of an online marketing service. However, in comparing the two, Facebook ads win the race in this one. It is because Facebook has a variety of advanced options for targeting specific audiences.

Ad Formats

Creativity can be utilized more in Facebook ads. Google ads can grab the attention of everyone with small block text. While in this comparison context, Facebook Ads edges over Google Ads because of the creative lead.

The differences and comparison factors might be enough for you to make the decisions in the advertisement platform. If you are not able to come to the decision point then, simply add both advertisement powerhouses. As both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the tactics behind online marketing service, the result can be positive for your company.

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