Now Business Owners Can Sell via Facebook Messenger

Now Business Owners Can Sell via Facebook Messenger


A couple of new methods for business and brands have been introduced by Facebook in its Messenger app to send customers and complete purchases.

Brands are now allowed to interact with customers with the usage of bots from April. Until today, users had to leave Messenger while buying something, and then complete the purchase on an external website.

But now, buyers can keep shopping services or products right on the Facebook Messenger. Now all they have to do is just click on the ‘buy now’ button. After that, customers will have to go through an easy checkout procedure. They will see the whole cost and information about them like contact, shipping, and payment etc will be automatically taken from their Messenger profile, guessing that they’ve already set up those data. Now to finish the purchase, buyers have to do is tap on the ‘pay’ button. A confirmation for order will appear, with the option to see the receipt.

Payments are received by business from Messenger purchases with a PayPal or Stripe account. For now, Messenger payments will solely be handy in the U.S. initially.

Facebook is about to bring out a new marketing solution over the next month with objectives to get customers chatting with your bots.

Messenger is now a destination for news feed ads and advertisers can pick out Messenger to use a call to action such as Shop Now or Learn More. This can be found under the ‘website clicks objective’.

The social media giant stated in one of their blog posts that, “All clicks on these News Feed ads will directly open up a Messenger thread with a copy of the ad or configurable structured message,” and further added, “Similar to existing Facebook ads, developers and businesses will have the option to select their target audiences and delivery times.”

Facebook is also introducing a new welcome screen that will let manufacturers and groups grant customized details about their bot before a conversation begins. This includes:

  • Your category
  • Your response time.
  • What human beings can count on from your bot.

Additionally, Facebook Messenger is making it less complicated for people to share messages with their friends individually. All a person has to do is to choose their friend before tapping on the share button.

Suppose, you are purchasing a mobile, you have selected some features but want your friend’s opinion to make the final decision. Or you may have found a mobile with just the features he or she wants. You can send recommendation immediately.

For example, let’s say you’re buying for shoes and attempting to slim down a few options. You may want to ship a message to your friends and ask for their help making the closing buy decision. Or perhaps you’ve spotted a pair of shoes that one of your friends would love. Boom. Instant recommendation.

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