New Tools Launched by Facebook for Small Businesses

New Tools Launched by Facebook for Small Businesses


On Thursday, the social media giant announced that it is going to add some features to the small business sites, allowing companies to find customers in another country and send advertisements to them. As per their choice, the businesses can decide about target countries and customers from particular region or throughout the globe.

According to Facebook, there are 60 million business pages in the social media websites and more than 175 million in the whole world have contact with a business in India. They also said that over 1 billion people on this social media platform have connection with at least one business of another country.

A data expansion shows that the engagement between users and small businesses in Facebook is increasing in cross-border transaction. Hence the companies are in need for more tools and techniques to drag more customers towards it.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of the Menlo Park, California-based company, stated, “The No. 1 thing they want is the ability to reach more customers”.

To respond to the huge requests from businesses, Facebook announced to release tools to optimize global campaign strategy, new webinars and a handbook on international marketing techniques for assistance to businesses which need to learn on global marketing issue or to take challenges to deliver enough products on raised demand or shipping products to another country

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