Mobile SEO 2020 A Complete Guide to Auditing Your Site for Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO 2020: A Complete Guide to Auditing Your Site for Mobile SEO


The digital world is shifted towards Smartphones and tablets by creating a strong impact on business strategies in recent time. Most of the crucial decisions are made through mobile and that appeals any brand to focus on mobile SEO and creating a responsive site. Mobile SEO strategies are boosting visibility and help mobile users to find a better experience.

Getting the top position on the global searches is not so easy but somehow become essential to reach a wider range of audiences by making the sites more attractive and fit into the small screen. It is a fact that 58% of the total searches are done through mobile these days and search engines like Google prefer those sites which are mobile-friendly and earn more points on achieving the higher ranks.


What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is all about search engine optimization of websites by combining the incredible growth in the mobile industry. The flawless viewing on mobile introduces this SEO strategy that focuses more on the mobile-friendly sites and makes the website suitable for portable devices. This strategy welcomes smooth, hassle-free and seamless experience to the mobile viewers and renders contents and website layouts as per the need of the small screens so that it will make a greater impact on the mobile user rather than giving more time on traditional website design. It is important to take crucial actions on ‘mobile-first indexing’ and knowing a few hacks to master the strategies needed for mobile SEO.

How to optimize a website for mobile?

How to optimize a website for mobile?

Optimize Content

Contents are the pillar of SEO strategies and when it comes to concentrating on mobile SEO then you need to emphasize on optimizing the existing contents by learning the skill of developing, engaging, and compelling the contents that bring the site on the top. The owner must give attention to the word count that keeps the content material crisp and relevant for giving information. Targeted keywords and phrases need to be interesting and should be based on the rich contents. Managing space is also very important because one needs to maintain a limited space for mobile users as they quickly click on the other links.

Embrace Responsiveness

Making the site compatible with mobile devices and working on appearance is something that needs to be kept in one’s mind while designing a responsive website. The site must be flexible and give a unique experience with lucid images that seamlessly develop a mobile-ready website. Some more things like loading speed, redirecting internal links to the website, and putting the best efforts on SEO optimization can drive optimum results for your site.

Dynamic Serving

Modern advancement in the SEO strategies offers either CSS or HTML versions, depending on the devices. Here, dynamic serving is to emphasize and utilize a single URL for a particular device. Two individual versions of the page will serve desktop as well as mobile users to get the information and services in better terms. The idea needs to be gathered on dynamic serving and make the versions preferable for both the versions.

Concentrating on Technicalities

Mobile SEO strategy deals with the up-gradation of technical matters and improves the sites ranking through mobile, where some of the actions are taken under consideration. Site speed of the action that is very much important as mobile users hardly stay in your site for extended periods and come out with fewer visits if the site performs very slowly. 40% of the customers will prefer pages that take 3 seconds on loading, so the site speed matters a lot when you are thinking about mobile SEO. Another action is about the accelerated mobile pages or AMP where attractive and appealing advertisements starts working well over the site. The mobile ranking will keep on improving by looking into technical errors like faulty navigation, duplicate content, and other issues.

Boosting UX

SEO audits are done to improve the site’s activities and ranking on the search results where you should focus on the user experience. The experience of the end-user will make a big difference and considered as one of the crucial points in practising SEO. Site navigation must give a better experience to the user where you need to concentrate on-site design, typography, content, images, and infographics for attracting the user into the site. It is better to keep the form short by not covering the entire mobile screen. The size of the featured image and accessibility of the CTA button along with the start menu options can help the entire navigation process and improve the sites ranking as well.  

Before implementing any strategy over the sites, one needs to understand the importance of developing a mobile responsive site and study hard on the different actions and plans that strengthen the mobile SEO by driving higher conversion.

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