Know How Pinterest Can Drive Sales and Traffic towards Your Website

Know How Pinterest Can Drive Sales and Traffic towards Your Website



Pinterest is a one of a kind online networking activity. Not at all like Facebook and Twitter, which use pictures to bolster a bit of content or infographic, Pinterest is entirely pictures, or pins. That is the reason it is appropriate for a wide range of business, particularly e-commerce. According to recent report, Pinterest now drives a bigger number of offers than even Facebook, which has for quite some time been viewed as the highest quality level for driving business deals on the web. It is likewise one of the quickest developing online networking platforms, all around, and has right around 70 million day by day clients. Business people can showcase their works as a pamphlet, board or brochure, made of pins, and that is images and videos. The best part is, business people can do brand marketing at free of cost.

Here are some features of Pinterest which are very much helpful to the entrepreneurs to promote their brands, drive traffic to their websites and increase the sales of business products and services.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins let the user to transfer more point by point data about their pins or pictures. They are a genuinely novel feature of Pinterest. The 6 kinds of Rich Pins include article, app, product, recipe, place and movie Pins. As a promoter, you can utilize the rich pin highlight to include data like the quantity of available things, the cost of everything, a survey in detail around a thing that you are promoting, special discount offers, etc. Pinterest resemble an online item magazine which you can search through to discover the item that you like best. It has something for a wide range of customers. Another brilliant element is that the data gets upgraded consequently. You will need to apply to Pinterest to get a rich pin.


Pinterest has exceptionally progressed analytics that helps you to pinpoint your optimal target group of audience. In this way, if you know the domain and the demographics that you need to target, you will reach your audience in just a short time with Pinterest analytics. There is likewise the choice of promoted pins; you can utilize this element to make commercials utilizing pins that are already popular with your target audience. You can likewise do thorough study to discover the keywords that your group of visitors generally utilizes. Thus it will get easier to focus on your pin. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything to utilize analytics on Pinterest.


Contests in Pinterest are broadly utilized to help in boosting engagement of followers on this platform. Your Pinterest contest pins should be as appealing as general pins to get repins. Thus these pins will get massive popularity in public. Promotional codes can be sent by utilizing these contests for free shipping to your followers in Pinterest or request that they post a picture wearing your ensemble and 3 winners our of them could be picked by lucky draw. This is very effective to increase regular brand visibility

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