International Mens Day at Cyber Help India arranged by the Female associates

International Men’s Day at Cyber Help India arranged by the Female associates


As a women employee at Cyber Help India, there is nothing that the men here have not co operated with, for an ambiance of harmony. Never before have the Day for Men been celebrated here with much enthusiasm and this year we the female employees decided to change the culture through an appropriate change.

We all know men are an equal part of the social life and it is the coexistence of both that creates a society that lives in harmony. They make a family, a great society through silent sacrifice and play roles of father, brother, a protector etc. Although Menís day is an international day, it is less popular like any other event. Each year, the world celebrates International Men‚Äôs Day to emphasize their importance in our lives & in the society. So, this year we thought of making this Menís day grand at Cyber Help India.

A Culture of Togetherness

We valued the term Ďtogethernessí in a true sense. Whether it is a birthday, or any festivals or anything, we celebrate each important day to make it more unique & special. At Cyber Help India, we all work together which shows a great vision of our teamwork. It is like a small & a happy family that binds us all.

Appreciation through Celebration!!

We appreciate each relevant day very conveniently through a large celebration. Likewise we thought to organize a small event at this special day to give our male staffs a surprise celebration that they had no idea about. We knew they would be amazed but fingers crossed.

How it happened?

Within an hour or two we organized everything starting from ordering a cake to designing a special token of appreciation. The men whose day we were celebrating had biggest smiles on their face and that was when our efforts seemed to pay off. It followed with the cake cutting ceremony and handing over of paper moustache especially to those who were clean shaved.

mens day

The boys took a mandatory picture with a handmade moustache and we girls too had to be a part of this quick arrangement. They really appreciated our arrangement & efforts which made us happy and delighted.

mens daymens day

ďThe joy and sorrows are to follow but there must always be a culture of love ď

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