Importance of Emojis in Social Media Platforms

Importance of Emojis in Social Media Platforms


Emoji is the new language. No its not just me who is saying this. Mr. Vyv Evans (linguistic professor in Bangor University) also called Emoji, the fastest growing form of language in history”.

In 2015 Oxford Dictionary selected an Emoji to be the WORD of THE YEAR.

Emojis are so popular these days that they have also been part of daily conversations via social media platforms.

If you are an active member of SMM (Social Media Marketing) then you must be habituated to every minute changes. If you are not adaptable to changes then you can’t survive in this field.

Shigetaka Kurita (part of the DOCOMO team) can be rightly called the father of Emoji. He developed the first Emoji in Japan, in the year 1999.

Done with the basic information about emoji, now let’s move onto the effect, impact, and necessity it has on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

 1. Facebook- Reacting made Easy

Our brain responds to emoji, just as it does to the actual human expressions. Once Dr. Churches was asked about emoji by where he said, “Peoples brains have learned to recognize emoji such as the smiling face “:-)” since they interpret this often. Accordingly, this has become “a learned neurological cultural response”.

According to Social Media Marketing Strategy, it is proven that the likes in the Facebook post can increase by 57%, comments and shares by 33% only by using Emoji. Then why not use Emoji!!

 2. Instagram- Expressing throughEmoji

A study was conducted to experimented the effect of Emoji on Instagram posts. There it was found that 5.5 million posts and 29 thousand Instagram profiles were using at least one or two Emoji in their posts.

2.21%- Use Emoji

1.92%– Donot use Emoji

15%-Interaction is higher on the posts due to the use of Emoji.

So it is seen that using Emoji in the post enhances interaction.

3. Twitter- Creating an Impactthrough Emoji

In 2016 Twitter started using Emojis to help people express their emotions in a muchbetter manner and within a short time.

After they have introduced Emojis on Twitter they found that their engagement has increased by 25.4%. There are 2,666 Emojis available. Not all Emojis express the same meaning as you think it to be. So while using Emojis always be clear about the meaning of the Emoji you are using on a social media platform.

So, now you know how Emojis are important on a Social Media Marketing platform.

What makes Emoji, a daily emotional necessity?


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