Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Impact of Voice Search on SEO


Voice search is a unique technology that is based totally on speech recognition. Users do not have to type into a search bar; rather you can speak out loud by pressing the voice search button. After thoroughly analyzing its expansive database, the reply is given by the technology as a direct result, not as a search result page.

Many digital assistants were designed to make the customers engage with voice search. Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexa, Google Assistant etc are the predominant voice search assistants which are normally used by mass people. Thatís why users are asking for greater conversational queries to their voice search assistant instead of typing on the keyboard. Itís definitely a completely new way of searching.

Undoubtedly, voice search is actively shaping the future of search engine optimization and bringing change to how SEO methods are adopted in the cellular age. The recent mobile update by Google put much attention to the significance of mobile responsive pages, and itís definitely vital for digital marketers to begin considering voice search as an important part of their SEO strategy.

How SEO is being affected by voice search?

  • The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day worldwide, and with that the number of people who searches query in mobile is increasing too. The one thing that is helping in this increase is the facility of voice search. The advantage of speaking instead of typing making it easier for them to request for information in mobile or tablet rather than desktop or laptop.
  • Mobile users regularly looks for information, based on their location. So this voice search facility in mobile is almost three times more effective that text searches for local search queries. Thus, as an entrepreneur or website owner, you get an excellent chance while ranking in local searches.
  • Voice search is easier, of course, than text input, because when we pronounce loudly, the search query becomes natural. This is importantly suited for the multi-tasking activities of our lives and helps us looking for faster ways to know about things.

How voice search can be included in SEO strategy?

  • As voice search questions are more conversational than typed texts, business owners have to search for proper way to adapt it to their SEO strategy for online marketin
  • g. Suppose, previously a user used to type Ďwebsite design company in Siligurií, now he or she will definitely ask Ďfind a professional website design company in Siligurií.
  • Another way of understanding a-z of voice search, atleast on a brief detail, is to use it yourself. This is the best way to check what kind of results your website is being delivered against your targeted keywords. You can look out for different keywords and queries related to your product and service, and check your websiteís rank compared to the top ranked ones on the basis of different questions.

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