How to use Social Media for Websites Growth

How to use Social Media for Website’s Growth


Having a Website or a Channel is like having a small Idea. To help this idea grow you need to link it with good social media Platforms. Gearing up the engagements you let your idea grow and flourish.

However, boosting your website through different social media platforms wonít help you gain audience or traffic. You need to know the right method of boosting your website using social media platform.

To implement the right strategy of using Social Media platform, here are five ways or tools for you to check out:

Follow these five ways to move your website up the ranking ladder on Google. Digital Marketing in India is growing fast, be ready to move faster.

1. Make the brand digitally visible across platforms:

When you have a social media presence, make sure your siteís URL is clearly visible of your bio or about section. This not only makes your site legit but also allows people to be directed to your site easily.

2. Using blogs to share your knowledge over platforms:

Whenever you create a blog for your website, share it on different social media platform.  This not only makes the SEO work easier but also engages a lot of audience to your site.

3. Direct people to your site through various platforms:

Whenever a people ask a question regarding your site on the social media, redirect them to your website and get their problems solved there. This will help people know about your website in a better manner.

4. Makes your website easily reachable through social platforms:

When you add a Call to Action on your social Media site, people get the immediate command to visit your site and avail the business your site is concerned. Give a proper call to action that serves your purpose.

5. Being SEO friendly requires social presence on multiple platforms:

As you are concerned about the SEO of your website, you must also look forward to the SEO of your social media profile. Place good links and optimize your profile. This is a good way of using social media platform.


Imagine two businesses, one is digitally active and other isnít. A business or brand that has a huge social media presence will get more customers or traffic. So boost your brand by being present online.

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