How to Make Responsive Business Websites With Templates

How to Make Responsive Business Website With Templates


A website plays a big role in making the impression of your business. The business unit put their efforts and enough time to come out with a responsive website. There are so many ways to make a website appealing either by hiring a professional web designer or by investing a lot in developing a site. Needs for creating a website are many depending upon the nature of the business. But when it comes to design a simple website just to showcase the services of your business with contact information all you need is an HTML responsive website templates to save your time and money.

Yes, this option will help you to come out with a website that will meet all your needs instead of dealing with developers and designers. The best part about the HTML responsive business website with templates is that it is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to upload them in the hosting server. Here, we will describe the simple steps that will surely help you to come out with a responsive business and the ways to modify them if needed. Customizing the templates will give you the chance to make it more attractive in terms of not engaging yourself into other website builders and CMSs.

Steps for Making Responsive Business Websites with Templates

Before starting the task you need to know about a few things that help you to come out with a business website. For which you need to include a domain name and a hosting plan, an FTP program and code editor, an HTML responsive business website with templates, along with content and images to engage more visitors into the website.

Domain Name and Hosting

To make our website available online the first thing you need to do is purchasing a domain name and hosting server. Generally, it is easy to find a domain name for free though it depends upon the name you selected for it. The best idea is to use your actual business name as the domain name to make it justified. Choosing the extension is also very important while searching for the domain. It is suggested to use.COM though it is not easily available. In such a case, you can go for other extensions like.CO or .US.

When it comes to hosting providers, you need to choose any one of the hosting packages available in the market. Before choosing any hosting service you must read the reviews to make it clear that how they handle their customers. Reading reviews of third-party websites will also give you the chance to know how satisfied are their customers after using their hosting server.

FTP Client and Code Editor

The next step comes with the FTP client which helps you to connect your computer with the hosting server so that you can upload the website files all in once than uploading them one after another. One the other hand, the code editor helps you to edit the templates according to your choice to make the website look appealing and catchy. These options are free to download and can be used in different operating systems.

Website content and chosen HTML Responsive Website Template

Finally, you need to come out with an HTML website template and useful contents for your website. There are various HTML website templates available which are specially made for business and marketplaces. Once you are done with the selection process you just download it, unzip the file and save it on your computer for easy access. 

Designing and making contents is very important and needs to be considered seriously because it is all about contents that give a clear idea about the business and how it helps your customers with the product and services you are offering. You can add information about the key people in your company and try to use images and logos that hold the attention of customers. Maintaining the quality of content will surely make a difference in your business in terms of reaching more audiences.

How to Customize the Website Templates

How to Customize the Website Templates

Understanding  the Structure of Responsive Website Template

To make sure what to modify and what not to modify all you need is a proper understanding of the template structure. The template includes a subfolder that contains all the files that make your responsive website workable. The template also includes a few extra subfolders but if youre using a different template, you may not see all of these files and subfolders, but you might find:

Images folder that contains all the demo images used in the template.

JavaScript folder with all the JavaScript code needed for the template to function properly.

CSS or Styles folder which contains the CSS files you’ll need to edit to customize fonts, colors, and other visual styles.

Various HTML files for different pages on your site like index.html, about.html, contact.html, and others.

Replace the Dummy Content

The templates come with the dummy contents and you need to replace them with your own contents and to do this you have to double-click the index.html or right-click it to open in the browser you are using. Once the template gets open in the browser you will find sliders that give you the option to make necessary changes in the templates with attractive images and useful contents. The most familiar way to find where to edit this information is to right-click on the text and click on the Inspect link. To modify the template, you must know which tags hold the text and why you want to edit them.

Finally, you can replace the text with your own contents and information. The Inspector will help you by telling the name of the image as well as which tags contain that image that needs to be changed. After that, you can go back to the code editor and look for that piece of code. Then, replace the image name with the name of your image and save the necessary changes.

So, you can create your own website by following these easy steps to make your business more popular among people. A responsive website is also known as the mobile-friendly website as it gives a wider platform to users in terms of getting comfort and easiness to open the website on their mobile devices. Creating a responsive business website improves your connectivity with people and also increases traffic that brings more sales.

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