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How To Get A Google Featured Snippet With Your WordPress Site


When you have your WordPress site, you will want the best features and exposure for your site. Google featured snippets are the searches that tend to get more clicks than a plain search result. It is a great way to get user conversion and increase engagement.

Knowing how to get Google featured snippets for your WordPress site may require some idea of a few areas online and some technical knowledge. This blog will introduce you to the basics of help you improve your WordPress site.

Table of content:

1. What are Google Featured Snippets?

2. Ways to increase Featured snippets on WordPress

3. Conclusion

What are Google Featured Snippets?

Google Featured Snippets have highlighted results which are shown on the top of the page above the position ones and that is why they are also known as position 0.

In the featured snippets, Google may display the search result in the Answer box or highlight it using the microdata which is presented on the respective website.

Google also uses the metadata to collect all the important information available on the website and displays them on the search result found at the top. The enhanced and improved quality of search display of featured snippets helps in organic click-through rate and also brings more free traffic for your site.

Optimizing your site and business helps in appearing as featured snippets in Google searches and helps in the increase in organic results.

Ways to increase Featured snippets on WordPress

The best way to get featured snippets with your WordPress Site is to know the right ways to optimize it. The various ways include:

  • Work better to get the top position- you need to focus on your on-site SEO and strive to provide a good user experience. Make sure your content is up to date and there is regularity. Increase your site loading speed and your content should be targeted to your specific audience.
  • Use the inverted pyramid structure- make sure your content and posts on the site are in the inverted pyramid structure which is a popular method used by journalists worldwide. In this, you first answer the various questions related to the content and topic. Then in the body, you give explanations and support that with data and end with a proper conclusion.
  • Optimize for the particular type of featured snippet-as the featured snippets can be in a paragraph, list, or table format you need to work on them respectively and focus on the details of each which may vary.


Organic results are a great way to grow your site and business so using featured snippets is a great idea to get more traffic. Some points you can keep in mind while working for your featured snippets for WordPress include:

  • SEO is important and optimize your site for cell phones
  • Add HTML and tags properly for better results
  • Structure your content according to the snippet format you have selected

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