How to Create a Content Strategy

How to Create a Content Strategy


Surprisingly true that 63% of business don’t follow any documented content strategy according to the latest research from a marketing institute. We also need to agree with the fact that a company, who follows the strategy, is successful in marketing the contents. But always remember that without a strategy success and failure are just a matter of luck. Content marketing strategy is the best way to manage the risk arises in the business. Building a content strategy is the greatest educational needs for this generation as per the digital experts.

Wondering about the content strategy is not the solution to your problem. So, we bring some of the effective steps about the content strategy that will grow your traffic and boost conversions. This guidance will help you to manage your content strategy instead of wasting your valuable time and money. So, let’s focus on the steps that will help you to grow your business.

Steps to Create Content Strategy for your business

Steps to Create Content Strategy for your business

Set your Goals and Mission

To come out with a good starting one need to plan a content marketing mission statement which makes the task easier by focusing on what is important and what is not. By setting a mission and goal you can keep the content strategy on track. The mission statement outlines some of the important factors like targeting the audiences, using the right content to reach the targeted audiences and benefits incurred from the statement.

Once you are ready with the mission statement that emphasizes what the audiences will get from your content strategy, you must think over the point that what your business will get from this strategy. So, you need to set the goals which include.

  • Improving revenue
  • Making more sales
  • Getting more traffic
  • SEO success
  • Reducing marketing cost
  • Engagement of social media

Establish Key Performance Indicators

Establish Key Performance Indicators

Only setting the goals doesn’t make any sense unless you check the performance through KPI. Key performance indicator will help you to identify the goals providing the milestones you have set. The indicator includes all youre planning regarding the achievement of revenue, sales, traffic, SEO and some of the other digital marketing strategies like social media metrics and email marketing. This indicator will help you estimate the revenue target, getting more signups, new email subscribers, more traffic, and improvement in search ranking. KPI will also help you in paying attention to marketing expenditure, your investment in different campaigns, and the cost of acquiring leads and making sales.

Know your Audience

To make the content appealing and attractive, you need to know your audiences in a better sense. You must be clear about the choices of the audience to create the right content. To know your audiences you must collect demographic data of your visitors, subscribers and social media followers. The demographic data collected from the social media platform includes age, gender, education, and income of the audiences. Once you are ready with the data, try to concentrate on getting customer feedback. Feedbacks from the customer will help you to know how they feel about their current contents, what are the changes you to apply and how to come up with contents that solves their problems.

Once you are ready with the above steps, you can create a buyer’s personas or customer avatar that is all about knowing the buyer genuinely. Buyers’ personas will help you to understand your buyers by creating contents that will help them with their needs.

Know your current position

In this digital age, content marketing is not new for people; you will find numerous contents on the internet. So, it’s important for you to know what is your position and are you successful in creating contents as per the expectancy?

So, this next will help you to figure out your position in terms of improving the content policy. Try to analyze the contents, blog posts, guest posts and so on. You have to focus on the content audit that helps you to identify the gaps. Compare your contents with the competitors and make content marketing strategy to catch the market with new contents. In doing so you need to analyze page titles and descriptions, find out the duplicate contents and if possible create sitemaps. Content audit tool helps you to carry the same kind of analysis over your competitor’s content.

Content Analyzer

To come out with quality content you need to analyze the contents by going into the depth. Access the usefulness of the content by looking the metrics that will help you find whether there are a lot of inbound links to the content, keyword associated with the contents and their search engine ranking along with the information regarding the popularity of the content through share. But before looking into these details one must analyze content titles and description, length of the content, backlinks and social shares.

 Content strategy through analyzer finally gives you the information about which content need some improvement, which doesn’t need any changes and which one needs to be removed or replaced. The last part of content analysis comes with identifying content gaps. Here the analysis starts with the evaluating process of the existing content on a topic and discovering “gaps” in that content. Analysis content improves the quality of content.

Create Content

After all the analysis and research you are ready to create the content by collecting valid information about the subject. So research and understand the topic to create meaningful and interesting content. Before creating the content you must check that the content is already available or not. Wring the same content, again and again, will not help you to improve the quality of the content using content strategy. Quality of the content needs to be analyzed by adapting some of the other segments like figuring out the best content channels, deciding the content types, identifying the allocate resources and creating a content calendar.

Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and Distribution

There is no meaning in doing all the research and creating contents unless you will market and distribute the contents. To get the result you need to handle the contents correctly by implementing marketing techniques. Make a schedule for sharing your content on social media immediately by doing a campaign and other content marketing tools.

Email marketing is also a greater platform to distribute the content to subscribers. Influencers mentioned in your content helps the content to spread in a wider platform. Targeting the market is also useful and can be done through page-level targeting, onsite targeting and geo-location targeting. Trigger the content marketing campaigns by device, activity and more. Highlight the new content every time to engage visitors on your site. In the end, measure results to access the success of content marketing strategy.

By doing regular monitoring and applying the content marketing strategy you can manage your contents effectively and maintain the quality as well. Create your contents successfully from beginning to end and engage more visitors to the site.

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